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January 09, 2008

Welcoming A New Sponsor - Toy Trains On Tracks

BdrwI'm very happy to announce a new OGaugeWatch sponsor, Toy Trains On Tracks.  The owner of Toy Trains On Tracks, Rich Battista, recently produced a DVD featuring his beautiful 32' x 12' multi level basement layout named the Black Diamond Railway.   The DVD was recorded in wide screen format and features 73 minutes of great video of trains running on the Black Diamond Railway and very helpful "how-to" segments where Rich shows you how he built his hi-rail layout.  Rich's layout was also featured on the cover of O Gauge Railroading magazine.  The DVD sells for $19.95 plus shipping.  Read my review of the DVD here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rich and his wife at the October '07 York meet and they are good people.  Rich is a true O Gauge railroad fanatic and his wife is very supportive of his hobby and his Toy Trains On Tracks endeavor.

As OGaugeWatch readers know, I love to give away products from my sponsors.  Toy Trains On Tracks has agreed to supply me with 3 copies of the Black Diamond Railway DVD so stay tuned for details about the  giveaway.

Visit the Toy Trains On Tracks website where you'll find details and photos of the Black Diamond Railway, a preview of the video and details how to purchase a copy of the DVD.  I want to thank Toy Trains On Tracks and Rich Battista for becoming the latest sponsor of

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