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April 12, 2008

Check Out 'TCA Netvision'

The Train Collectors Association has posted three new videos on what they are calling TCA Netvision.  Members and non-members can check them out at  The videos cover the topics of "Why volunteer at TCA", "Work in the library" and "Winter work at the museum". 

Videos coverage of the TCA's National Toy Train Museum's open house being held on April 16th is scheduled to appear on TCA Netvision at the end of April.  Click here for more details.

April 03, 2008

National Toy Train Museum Open House

Traditionally, the Train Collectors Association holds an Open House at its National Toy Train Museum in Paradise, PA the Wednesday before the start of the Spring and Fall TCA York, PA Train Meet.  The schedule for the Spring '08 Open House on April 16th has been announced.

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October 01, 2007

Model Train Author Paul V. Ambrose Sues Train Collectors Association by Erol Gurcan

Model train author Paul V. Ambrose has sued the national Train Collector's Association (TCA) and also its Eastern Division, the entity that hosts the yearly York meets in April and October. Although there was a lot of discussion about the lawsuit, little was said about the basis and details of it.

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September 30, 2007

First Ever TCA Show To Be Held In Brooklyn, N.Y. on 11/3/07

The Metropolitan Division of the Train Collectors Association will be holding the first ever TCA show in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, November 3rd, 2007.  The show starts at 8:00 AM for TCA members, 9:30 AM for all others and will be held at Marine Park, 2331 Gerritsen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229.  Click here for more details.

Thanks for the tip Bob.

July 11, 2007

Train Collectors Association "TCA x-Change"

The Train Collectors Association has launched the TCA x-Change.  It's a site designed to be an extension of the TCA's Interchange Point, a printed listing of items wanted or for sale that appears in the group's National Headquarters News.   The site is similar to eBay in that items for sale can be listed on-line with price, photos and descriptions and there are good search capabilities.  It's different from eBay in that there is no bidding, no fees and no direct way to exchange funds electronically.  Buyers must contact sellers directly to discuss the transaction and payment method.  Items wanted can also be listed. 

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October 29, 2006

PODCAST: MTH's Coors Light Silver Bullet Train

Well, I've been throwing around the idea of putting together a podcast for some time now and finally got around to it.  The topic for the first OGW podcast is MTH's new Coors Light Silver Bullet train and features the comments of Mike Wolf, owner of MTH, made during his presentation at the TCA's Fall 2006 Open House held at the TCA National Train Museum on October 18, 2006.  Click the red circle on the Odeo media player to listen.


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October 19, 2006

TCA Fall '06 Open House - Recap Part 2

Sunset Models/3rd Rail and Weaver Models presentations were good but they didn't compare to the excitement generated by Mike Wolf, owner of MTH.  Mike started off by announcing that the 2007 Volume 1 O Gauge catalog was the best MTH has produced and the Tinplate catalog is the largest tin plate catalog MTH has produced.

Shortly thereafter Mike and the crowd turned their attention to the pre-production model of the Coors Light locomotive.

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TCA Fall '06 Open House - Recap Part 1

I never tire of visiting the TCA Museum.  I could spend hours examining all the fine models on display and the great layouts.  Today the TCA held it's bi-annual open house at the museum.  The open house is always held the day before the Spring and Fall TCA Eastern Division train meets in York, PA.  If you've never been to the open house you need to attend at least one.  It's a great event because most of the influential leaders of the O Gauge industry present their "wares" to the their core demographic and plant the seeds of anticipation by showing pre-production models and hinting at things to come. 

Compared to the Spring '06 open house (my first) I thought the attendance was about the same, maybe slightly lower.  Sunset Models/3rd Rail, Weaver Models, MTH, Atlas O and Lionel were all represented as well of Marklin (HO).  In my opinion, the presentations at the Spring open house offered up more interesting and new information.  Nonetheless, there was still some good info to be had.

Click on the link below to read on

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October 18, 2006

TCA Open House

Today I'm heading up to the TCA Open House at the National Toy Train Museum.  Representatives from most of the O Gauge manufacturers are scheduled to speak about 2007 product offerings so I'm hoping there will be some new announcements as well.  I'll report on all  the good stuff later tonight.


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October 04, 2006

MTH Announces Fall '06 TCA York Commemorative Car

Mthyorkfall06 MTH announced their commemorative boxcar for the Fall 2006 TCA train show in York, PA.  The boxcar will be a Premier Line model featuring the cover of the 2007 Volume 1 MTH catalog, which is a shot of MTH's new Coors Light Silver Bullet Train.  The car can be purchased for $30 at the MTH booth at the Fall '06 York show on a first come first served basis.  MTH Railroaders Club members can purchase the car for $25 and will have the opportunity to pre-order the car on-line.


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June 05, 2006

The National Toy Train Museum

Tca_museum I snapped a few photos while visiting the National Toy Train Museum during the museum's open house the day before the York '06 spring meet.  You can view the photos here.  For those of you who live near or will be traveling to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country you need to add the Train Collector Association's National Toy Train Museum to your list of places to visit.  The museum houses a wonderful collection of model trains dating back to the beginning of the hobby.  The layouts are fantastic too.  For more information visit the National Toy Train Museum's website.

May 01, 2006

TCA Eastern Division Enforces "No Photography" Rule

The TCA's Eastern Division has a longstanding rule prohibiting photographs from being taken within the halls of their York meets.  This year, for the first time, the Eastern Division invited a modular club, National Capital Trackers, to set up their layout.  Unfortunately, someone from the National Capital Trackers ignored the no photography rule and snapped a picture of the layout displayed in the Black Hall and posted it as a reponse to a discussion thread on the O Gauge Railroading forum.  Based on another post on OGR, The Eastern Division took action against the National Capital Trackers by revoking their invitation to return to York.  The Eastern Division is also seeking the individual(s) who snapped the photo and will suspend them from visiting the York meet for 1 year.

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