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April 25, 2008

Sunset Model's Spring 2008 Catalog Available

Sunset Models has released their Spring 2008 catalog.  The catalog contains information about new items from the Third Rail Division of Sunset Models and Golden Gate Depot.  You can check it out here (pdf).

February 24, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER John Ryan - New Products From Sunset Models - 3rd Rail Division

Sunset Models - 3rd Rail Division has announced two new products that are both new interpretations of "old standards" in O Gauge.

Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 4800 "Old Rivets"
Brass / $799.00

Of the dozens of different GG-1 models offered in brass, plastic, and dice-cast, this is the first model of the original GG-1 prototype. The model is offered in four paint schemes, including the original Pennsylvania Railroad 5-Stripe scheme, Conrail blue, Bicentennial Celebration, and the "today" paint scheme that reproduces the look of the locomotive as it is preserved in the State Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Production is limited to 25 copies per paint scheme.

New York Central 1938 20th Century Limited
Streamlined Dreyfuss Hudson / $1199.95
12 Scale 85' Passenger Cars / $1799.85

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August 27, 2007

Catching Up.....

Here are a few stories from the last week or so that broke while OGaugeWatch was on vacation.

  1. After a long absence, "Clyde Coil" over at Hi-Rail Times wrote a few posts about Lionel's Legacy control system.
  2. MTH introduced the final Steelers Superbowl Boxcar in the series (unless they win another).
  3. The TCA's New England Division will host the National TCA convention in 2008 in Burlington, VT.  They announced the 2008 convention cars and they are nice.  I'm sure the Ben & Jerry's refer and the Vermont Railway maxi-stack cars will be a big hit.  Save 5% if you order by 10/31/07.  See all the cars here.
  4. 3rd Rail released production photos of their C&O Greenbrier.  What a sharp looking piece.  View the photos here.
  5. Marc over at the Standard Gauge Blog found several videos on YouTube of the late Tom Snyder interviewing Ward Kimball, the legendary Disney animator and railroad enthusiast..  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  6. Joshua at the  prewar times Blog posted that MTH is releasing a new tinplate catalog at this October's TCA York meet.  Keep an eye on prewar times for possible pre-release information about the catalog.

April 08, 2007

3rd Rail C&O; Greenbrier - New Pre-Production Photos

The 3rd Rail division of Sunset Models released a few new pre-production photos of their beautiful C&O Greenbrier J-3 locomotive.  The details are incredible.  Reserve price is $1,195.99 and they are scheduled for a May/June '07 delivery.  Check out the photos here.

October 19, 2006

TCA Fall '06 Open House - Recap Part 1

I never tire of visiting the TCA Museum.  I could spend hours examining all the fine models on display and the great layouts.  Today the TCA held it's bi-annual open house at the museum.  The open house is always held the day before the Spring and Fall TCA Eastern Division train meets in York, PA.  If you've never been to the open house you need to attend at least one.  It's a great event because most of the influential leaders of the O Gauge industry present their "wares" to the their core demographic and plant the seeds of anticipation by showing pre-production models and hinting at things to come. 

Compared to the Spring '06 open house (my first) I thought the attendance was about the same, maybe slightly lower.  Sunset Models/3rd Rail, Weaver Models, MTH, Atlas O and Lionel were all represented as well of Marklin (HO).  In my opinion, the presentations at the Spring open house offered up more interesting and new information.  Nonetheless, there was still some good info to be had.

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October 09, 2006

3rd Rail 2006 Fall Catalog

The 3rd Rail Fall 2006 catalog is available on-line.  The C&O Allegheny is  a real beauty.


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TCA Open House - Part 1

April 19, 2006

TCA Open House - Part 1

I attended the TCA Museum Open House today. The docket included speakers from 3rd Rail, Marklin, Weaver Models, Atlas O, MTH and Lionel.  There was a abundance of 55+ year old men and few 40 somethings or younger like myself.  At any one time there was at least 150 people in the museum taking in the presentations.  It was a well run event!   I have a lot of information so this will be the first of a multi-part post.

First up was Scott Mann of 3rd rail. Here are the interesting points from his presentation:

  • 3rd Rail spends about 100K per year on advertising of which 8K goes to TCA.
  • 3rd Rail locomotives are hand fabricated in brass with the exception of the smaller parts, which are cast.
  • The larger O Gauge firms will use photos of 3rd Rail models in their catalogs to represent pre production photos of their own models. Apparently this is common practice in the industry, however, most companies will not footnote the photos to give credit the manufacturer of the product shown in the pre-production photo. Mr. Mann stated that MTH used one of 3rd Rail’s Erie Camelbacks for a pre-production photo in their catalog.
  • Firms will also use 3rd Rail models as proto types for their own models.
  • 3rd Rail is the first to use a belt drive system. The belt system replaces the uses of gears and thus the locomotives run much quieter then competitors.
  • The belts used in the 3rd Rail locomotives are similar to those used in printers. The belts are installed in over 15,000 locomotives and 3rd Rail has yet to replace one.
  • Accuracy of the models is most important to 3rd Rail and Mr. Mann pointed out that it is      frustrating when consumers complain that the electronic whistle doesn’t sound “just right” when all other aspects of the model are true to the prototype.
  • 3rd Rail locomotives are built as 2 rail models and converted to 3 rail.
  • All 3rd Rail models are painted with DuPont automotive paint sealed with a polyurethane      sealer.
  • All external structures – hand rails, grab irons etc. on each locomotive is soldered and meant to be “handled”. While making this point, Mr. Mann grabbed the Burlington M-4s on the speaker's table around the mid section and proceeded to lightly pound the loco into the table!
  • Mr. Mann commented on the Union Pacific lawsuit against MTH and Lionel concerning licensing fees for the UP logos. He stated that he is on the side of Lionel and MTH an against having to enter into licensing agreements with railroads because it could give the railroads a say in what models can be produced.
  • Mr. Mann is now selling 80’ Heavyweight Coaches made from ABS plastic under the Golden Gate Depot name. These coaches are 20” long and very detailed. More info here.

Mr. Mann had samples of an REA

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March 28, 2006

Product Announcements

R-Bishop Model Crafters announced a new 30 Ton US Navy Switcher, Sunset Models - 3rd Rail Division has announced several new products including a M4a "Colorado" 2-10-4 and Weaver Models has 3 new versions of their Northeast caboose in stock.

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