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April 02, 2007

OGW Poll: How much do you plan to spend on O Gauge this year?

CheckmarkFor April's poll, I want to revisit the spending question I first asked around this time last year.  Last year 49% of the participants indicated they would spend between $1,000 and $3,000.  It will be interesting to see how much that number changes this year.  To participate in the poll, scroll down the page a bit and the question will be located in the right hand sidebar. 

OGW Poll Results: Collecting/Running Other Scales

The results of the March '07 OGW Poll are final and surprisingly (to me) more than 53% responded that they don't collect/run other scales.   I expected at least half would have indicated they collected/ran other scales.  For those that do, HO topped the list, as I expected, follow by a tie for second place between G and N scale.  Click here to see all the results.

March 05, 2007

OGW Poll: Collecting/Running Other Scales

CheckmarkO Gauge is my favorite scale but I have a small HO layout I set up on a 36" x 80" door.  I built it to run my old HO collection from my childhood but quickly became a fan of DCC when I discovered I could purchase an inexpensive DCC system and DCC equipped locomotives from Bachmann.  My kids and I enjoy both the HO and small O Gauge layouts we have.  Do you collect/run scales other than O Gauge?  Let me and other OGW readers know by participating in the latest OGW Poll.  Scoll down the site a bit and you'll see the poll questions posted on the right side of the page.  You can view the results of prior OGW Poll questions here.

December 05, 2006 Poll Results - Oct/Nov 2006

CheckmarkFor the October/November 2006 poll questions I wanted to get a feel for what types of O Gauge trains people collect.



Question 1:  "When buying O Gauge locomotives do you focus on a few specific road names or have no preference?"  72.7% responded they focus on a few specific road names.

Question 2:  "What type of locomotive do you collect?"  Two answers tied for the top spot, Steam Engines and a mix of Steam, Diesel and Electric engines with 36% of the votes.  This was a bit surprising to me because I expected a mix of Steam, Diesel and Electric engines to be the top answer.

Question 3:  "What type of cars to you tend to collect?"  90.2% responded they collect freight cars.

Question 4:  "What model train manufacturer do you collect?"  Lionel topped the list with 42.9% of the votes.

Click here to view all the results of the October/November 2006 poll questions.

Thanks to all who participated.  December/January's poll questions will be posted shortly.

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October 03, 2006

October 2006 Poll Questions

The October '06 poll questions are now available.  This month I am focusing on the types of trains in your collection.  Click here to participate in this month's poll.  Thanks.


October 01, 2006 Poll Results - September 2006

Checkmark_1 For September's poll I focused on the Christmas layout.  76% of the OGW readers that participated in the poll will be building a Christmas layout this year.  Only about 5% will be building a Christmas layout for the first time this year.  Over 63% will rebuild their Christmas layout every year instead of storing a permanently mounted layout.  And 80% located the holiday layout under the Christmas tree.  Surprisingly, only 21% will put Christmas themed buildings, like Department 56, on the layout.  I expected this number to be higher. 

Thanks to all who participated in September's poll.  The October poll questions will be up shortly (once I decide on the questions).  See the detailed results of the September poll here.



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September 09, 2006 Poll Results - August '06

Checkmark The four poll questions for August '06 focused on reader's length of active involvement in model railroading, when they were introduced to it, the manufacturer of their first O Gauge train set and whether or not they still have their first set.   

For the first question, "How long have you been involved in the model train hobby?",  44.6% of the participants responded they have been active in the hobby for more than 20 years.

For question #2, "When were you first introduced to model trains?",

Click on the link below to read on

Continue reading " Poll Results - August '06" ยป

August 01, 2006 Poll Results - July '06

The results of the July '06 poll are in.   July's questions focused on how O Gauge hobbyists make their O Gauge purchases.  67.6% of those who participated purchase O Gauge items through on-line retailers instead of a local train shop.  63.9% of those on line buyers prefer to deal with train shops with a web presence instead of eBay (36.1%).  One of the lessons to be learned from these results is that local train shops owners need to be selling on-line.


Thanks to everyone who participated in July's poll.  To participate in August's poll click here.


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July 01, 2006 Poll Results - June '06

The results of the June '06 poll are in.   Over 14% of OGW readers don't have a permanent O Gauge layout.  Of those with a permanent layout, over 84% have layouts that are bigger than 8' x 8'.


Thanks to all those who participated in the June '06 poll.  Click here to take part in July's poll.

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June 25, 2006

Take Part In The June OGW Poll

There's only 6 days left before the poll for June closes.  If you haven't done so already be sure to participate in the June poll found here.


June 01, 2006 Poll Results - May '06

The results of the May '06 poll are in.  Here is the breakdown:


Thanks to all who participated in May's poll.  Click here to participaate in the June '06 poll.

May 12, 2006

New Feature: Polls

I've added a new feature to that will enable visitors to the site to participate in a monthly poll about the O Gauge hobby.  This month's inaugural poll deals with the topic of how much money each of us spends on the O Gauge hobby each year.  It's easy to take part, a link to the poll is in the web site's banner just below the navigation links (in bright green).  Clicking the link takes you to the poll.  Click on the button next to your answer then click "Cast Your Vote".  Polls will typically run for one month.  Results of each poll will be posted when the poll closes, however, when you submit your answer you'll see the poll results to date instantly.  All participants in the polls remain anonymous so for this month's poll you don't have to lie about how much you will eventually spend this year.  :)   Enjoy.


Click here to take part in this month's poll.

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