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May 15, 2008

Lionel Post War Catalogs Captured Digtially

On my last visit to the TCA's National Train Museum I stopped in the museum's library and browsed through a  book containing a compilation of post war Lionel catalogs.  As I was thumbing through the pages, I was trying to imagine the excitement of being a young boy rifling through the pages back when these catalogs were hot off the press.  I guess it was sort of like I used to feel as a boy in the early 70's tearing through the toy section of the Sear's Wishbook when it arrived in the mail.   

If you have memories of enjoying the Lionel post war catalogs as a child and are kicking yourself because you didn't keep them you'll be happy to learn that a digital archive of all Lionel catalogs from 1945 to 1969 is now available from HSL.  I received the following press release from HSL containing all the details.

Click the link below to read on

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April 10, 2008

Atlas O April '08 Announcements

Atlaso_1Atlas O has announced new paint schemes for Atlas O F-2/F-3 Locomotives, the Atlas O MP15DC Locomotive, the Atlas O Trainman 52' 6" Flat Car w/ Pipe Load, Atlas O Industrial Rail Train Sets and Atlas  O Industrial Rail Trolley Sets.  The Atlas O 40' Steel Reefer gets both new paint schemes and road numbers.  Check out the Atlas O website for details.

April 02, 2008

Buffalo Creek Graphics

I came across Buffalo Creek Grapics in a small town newspaper article on the web.  The article was about a custom O Gauge boxcar that was being produced by them in small numbers depicting a local area company's logo.  Realizing I've never heard of Buffalo Creek Graphics, I emailed them and asked if they would put a piece together describing the company and the products they create.  Collectors of rare limited production items should find their story and products interesting.

A Short History of Buffalo Creek Graphics 

Since its inception in 1993, Buffalo Creek Graphics has grown to a prominent position in the O-scale hobby as a major source for unique custom decorated freight equipment.  Owner, Thos. Gascoigne, has extensive experience in graphic arts and publishing, but has held a lifelong fascination with railroads.  He is a long-time member of many rail historical societies, as well as TCA, and TTOS.  He was also co-founder of the Lionel Collectors Association of Canada, one of the earliest Lionel® collector organizations in North America.

Click on the link below to read on

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March 24, 2008

Lionel Big Boy Review By Erol Gurcan & Eliot Scher

The following appeared in the February '08 edition of The Lion Roars, the magazine of the Lionel Collectors Club of America and was reprinted here with permission from the authors.

Viewpoint I
by Erol Gurcan

During the last two years, my reviews in TLR have concentrated on less expensive locomotives and train sets. In my view, the two major commercial O-gauge magazines often ignore this segment of the market; they choose instead to concentrate on more expensive trains, as some car magazines focus on exotic, expensive, and powerful automobiles. However, not everyone can afford a $1,000-or more O-scale locomotive and/or has a large layout equipped with O72 minimum radius curves necessary to run it.

Click on the link below to read on

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March 08, 2008

Video Of MTH's 4-12-2 Locomotive

MthlogoMTH put together a video of their new Union Pacific 4-12-2 locomotive in action.  View the video here

More information, including great detail shots of the locomotive, are available on the MTH website.

March 01, 2008

Atlas O March '08 Announcements

Atlaso_1Atlas O has announced new paint schemes for the Atlas O USRA 0-6-0 Locomotives, new paint schemes and numbers for the Atlas O DASH 8-40BW & 32BHW Locomotives and a new Industrial Rail O-27 4-Bay Coal Hopper.  Visit the Atlas O website for more details.

February 24, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER John Ryan - New Products From Sunset Models - 3rd Rail Division

Sunset Models - 3rd Rail Division has announced two new products that are both new interpretations of "old standards" in O Gauge.

Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 4800 "Old Rivets"
Brass / $799.00

Of the dozens of different GG-1 models offered in brass, plastic, and dice-cast, this is the first model of the original GG-1 prototype. The model is offered in four paint schemes, including the original Pennsylvania Railroad 5-Stripe scheme, Conrail blue, Bicentennial Celebration, and the "today" paint scheme that reproduces the look of the locomotive as it is preserved in the State Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Production is limited to 25 copies per paint scheme.

New York Central 1938 20th Century Limited
Streamlined Dreyfuss Hudson / $1199.95
12 Scale 85' Passenger Cars / $1799.85

Click on the link below to read on

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February 21, 2008

More New Signs From Miller Engineering

Miller Engineering has posted a few more new electroluminescent signs on their website.  The new offerings include a Clark Bar billboard, a recreation of the GE sign that sits atop a General Electric building in Schenectady, NY and the Domino Sugar billboard located in Baltimore, MD.  The GE and Domino Sugar signs will be limited production items.  Visit the Miller Engineering website for more details.

February 13, 2008

Atlas O February '08 Announcements

Atlaso_1The Atlas O "mini-catalog" for February contains new paint schemes and road numbers for the following products.

Atlas O DASH 8-40B Locomotive
Atlas O Coalveyor
Atlas O 55 Ton Coal Hopper

New paints schemes for  Atlas O Industrial Rail™ Motorized Trolley and  Atlas O Industrial Rail™ Tank Car.

See the Atlas O website for more details.

February 06, 2008

MTH Expanding European Offerings

MTH announced that the Flying Scotsman locomotive will be offered as part of their 2008 Volume 2 catalog.  The Flying Scotsman joins the Orient Express, which debuted in MTH's 2008 Volume 1 catalog, in MTH's European lineup.   Read the press release here.

January 29, 2008

New Signs From Miller Engineering

Miller Engineering has announced a few new signs for release in April '08 including the Zippo lighter sign that sits atop the Zippo's headquarters.  Get more details from the Miller Engineering website.

January 11, 2008

Atlas O January '08 Announcements

Atlaso_1Atlas O's January '08 "mini-catalog" includes new paint schemes and road numbers for the following  products:

Atlas O GP60/60M/60B Locomotives
Atlas O PS-4427 Hopper
Atlas O 40' USRA Composite Gondola

And new paint schemes for the Atlas O 40' Wood Reefer.

Visit the Atlas O website for more details.

October 30, 2007

New Press Release From Ready Made Trains

Fans of NJ Transit will be excited to hear this:

Bloomsbury, NJ...Walter M. Matuch, president of Ready Made Trains, LLC has announced a licensing arrangement with New Jersey Transit Corporation, operator of NJ's commuter rail system that will allow RMT to produce O/0-27 gauge 3-rail toy train locomotives and railcars with the distinctive NJ TRANSIT logo and markings.

The NJ TRANSIT system is well known throughout the country as a premier railroad transit system with trains carrying thousands of commuter rail passengers each day to destinations throughout New Jersey and into New York City says Matuch. NJ TRANSIT is a welcome addition to the Ready Made Toys line that currently features many colorful toy trains from America's historic and current rail lines.

Previously RMT had only produced NJ TRANSIT items as special limited edtion offerings but now will have NJ TRANSIT logoed BEEP diesels, BEEF diesels, BUDDY railcars and a caboose as part of the complete RMT product line.

Enjoyed by train hobbyists around the world including members of our Armed Forces in Iraq, RMT's toy trains features durable, detailed and inexpensive locomotives and railcars.

The NJ TRANSIT caboose will be arriving during November, 2007 with additional NJ TRANSIT items to follow. 

For additional information, please contact Ready Made Toys at 908-479-1279 or online at

Thank you.

October 08, 2007

Atlas O October '07 Announcements

Atlaso_1Atlas O announced several new paint schemes for the following products in their Atlas O line:

ALCO C-630 and C-628 Locomotives
Gunderson Twin-Stack Cars
40' Containers
40' Steel Rebuilt Box Car

The Atlas O Trainman RSD 7/15 Locomotive is also available in several new paint schemes.

Those who collect Altas O's billboard refers will be interested in Atlas' newly announced Icing House and Icing Platform kits

Be sure to visit the Atlas O website for more details.

September 08, 2007

Atlas O September '07 Announcements

Atlaso_1Atlas O announced several new paint schemes for their Atlas O line including:

GP-9 Locomotive
SW Series Locomotives
40' 1937 AAR Single Door Box Cars
40' Rebuilt Wood Reefer

Also, the Atlas O 55 Ton Coal Hopper gets a new body style and Atlas' Industrial Rail line gets two new products, a Refrigerator Car and a flat car loaded with a 1939 Mercury Club Coupe.

Be sure to visit the Atlas O website for more details.

September 01, 2007

Miller Engineering Announces New Signs

Miller Engineering, makers of cool electroluminescent signs for HO and O Gauge, has announced a number of new products that will debut at the TCA's York train meet this fall.  One new item, a Drive In Sign, is being made to celebrate Miller Engineering's 10th anniversary and will be limited to a 500 item production run.   There is also a Heinz Ketchup sign which is a replica of the sign sitting atop the Del Monte Foods building in Pittsburgh.  A Theater Marquee and a replica of the Illinois Central sign that sat atop the Central station in Chicago round out the new product offerings.  See the Miller Engineering website for more details and pricing.

August 11, 2007

Review: Ready Made Toys 2 Bay Coal Hopper

Shot_71 Back in January '07, Ready Made Toys announced a new addition to their product line, a smooth sided 2 Bay Coal Hopper.  The hopper is being reproduced by RMT from tooling originally created by Kusan, a plastics company that also manufactured toys.  Kusan exited the business of making toy trains in the early 1960's.   RMT supplied me with a pre-production sample of the new car in Con Edison livery for this review.

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August 09, 2007

Atlas O August '07 Announcements

Atlaso_1Atlas O announced this week several new paint schemes available for their C 424/425 Locomotive, X-29 Box Car, 40' Airslide Hopper and 17,360 Gallon Tank Car.  Atlas O also announced that a bay window caboose has been added to their Trainman line.  See the Atlas O website for more details.

July 20, 2007

Best Friend of Charleston

Lionel is offering a replica of the "Best Friend of Charleston" steam locomotive as a special "on-line" exclusive.  The steam locomotive was built in 1830 for the South Carolina Canal and Railroad company.  Lionel is offering the locomotive with a tender and one passenger car for $349.99.  An add-on passenger car is also available for $64.99.  Learn more about the real Best Friend of Charleston here.  View Lionel's version here.

July 19, 2007

New Announcement from Ready Made Trains

READY MADE TRAINS, LLC introduces 7 new roadnames to the COAL HOPPER series of "Ready Made Toys" 0/0-27 scale toy trains... freight cars suitable for both the steam and diesel era with railroad names to represent old favorites, 'fallen flags', shortlines, and today's newest regional carriers and mega-railroads as the listing grows.

The following 7 additional  roadnames, each with 2 different roadnumbers per railroad, will now be offered with delivery starting Fall, 2007:

Click on the link below to read on

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June 29, 2007

Atlas O July '07 Announcments

Atlaso_1For July, Atlas O has announced new road numbers and paint schemes for the Atlas O GP35 locomotive, new road numbers and paint schemes for the Atlas O Standard Cupola Caboose, a special anniversary 4-pack of Atlas O 36' wood reefers, new paint schemes for the Atlas O 40' Steel Reefer, a new 50' 6" boxcar added to the Atlas O Trainman product line and new Atlas O Trainman sets.  I love the D&H RS-3 set.  Deadline for ordering these new products is August 15, 2007.  See the Atlas O website for more details.

June 27, 2007

Watch A Video Of MTH's Coors Light Silver Bullet Train

MthlogoMTH announced that their Coors Light Silver Bullet train will be shipping in July.  You can view the train in action here.

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June 09, 2007

Atlas O June '07 Announcements

Atlaso_1For June, Atlas O has announced new paint schemes for the Atlas O 17.6k gallon Trinity  Corn Syrup Tank Car, a new C&O  Caboose for the Atlas O Industrial Rail line,  new paint schemes for the Atlas O Trainman PS2 3-bay covered hoppers and several new Atlas O Trainman buildings, including a  sharp looking 2 stall engine house.  Deadline for ordering these new products is July 13, 2007.  See the Atlas O website for more details.

June 05, 2007

K-Line by Lionel Circus Themed Items Brochure Released

K-Line by Lionel is producing a line of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey themed items.  Check out the on-line brochure here.

June 04, 2007

Add "The Roanoke Star" To Your Layout

Roanokestar Miller Engineering is offering a miniature version of the famous Roanoke Star, the star responsible for giving Roanoke, VA the nick name "The Star City".   The Roanoke Star aka the Mill Mountain Star is an 88.5 feet tall neon illuminated star that overlooks the city from atop Mill Mountain.  Built in 1949, it is the world's largest  man-made illuminated standing star.  In 2006, the city of Roanoke spent $100,000 to refurbish the Star.  Miller Engineering's version will only set you back $32.95.  Since Roanoke was the home of the Norfolk & Western railroad shops the Star would make a great addition to any N&W fan's layout.  Check out the Miller Engineering web site for details.  Learn more about the real Roanoke Star here.

May 29, 2007

New Product Announcement From Ready Made Toys

RMT LogoReady Made Toys® announces more additions to the new line of 3-rail O Gauge 2-bay COAL HOPPER cars...


Sold only as a set of 2 road numbers per railroad name, each COAL HOPPER is painted and lettered with added color logos and coal load. Each set includes a separate standing BEEPeople® figure with each COAL HOPPER.

Click on the link below to read on

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May 18, 2007

MTH Announces New 'Western Pennsylvania' Themed Items

MTH has announced 3 new additions to their Pittsburgh themed product line.  The items include:

Happy New Year 2008 Boxcar

Iron City GP20 Diesel Engine w/PS2

Iron City Caboose

The boxcar and caboose retail for $44.95, the GP20 has an MSRP of $299.95.  All are scheduled for an October '07 delivery.

May 10, 2007

New Scent from JT's Mega-Steam

Anyone who enjoys running their O Gauge locomotives with the smoke unit on can appreciate that not everyone enjoys the smell of traditional smoke fluid.  JT's Mega-Steam produces great scented smoke fluids in 26 scents to help calm the noses of those folks that are smoke fluid intolerant.  Use can also you the scents to recreate genuine smells like frying bacon (used in a smoking Diner accessory) on your layout.  JT's newest scent is Fireplace. The Fireplace scent is perfect for a smoking hobo campfire accessory.

JT has also commissioned Ready Made Toys to create a custom BEEP in the Lehigh and New England paint scheme.  The L&NE Beep is the first Beep to have blackened hand rails and an EMD builders plate.  Visit JT's Mega-Steam website for more information about the BEEP and Mega-Steam.

Atlas O May '07 Announcements

Atlas O has a number of new announcements for May '07.  See the "New Announcements" section of the Atlas O website for all the details.   The new MP15DC Switcher looks like a very nice piece.

Atlas also announced the production of a new periodical entitled "The Atlas Modeler".  Read the introductory issue here.

April 24, 2007

Ready Made Toys New Product Announcements

RMT LogoWalter Matuch, president of Ready Made Trains, LLC, announced several new additions to the Ready Made Toys lineup for 2007 at the Spring '07 York train meet. 

RMT will be adding a "BANG" ALCO S-4 Diesel Switcher in '07.  The S-4 will come complete with dual motors, electronic reverse, die-cast couplers and directional lighting and be offered in 12 paint schemes.  The pre-production samples looked very nice.  MSRP for the BANG is $79.95.

Also new for '07 will be RMT's Ore Hopper car.  The ore hoppers will be sold for a MSRP of $49.95 per set of 2 ore cars (2 different #'s per same road-name set).  The ore cars will come complete with a standing BEEPeople brakeman and be offered in 14 different road-names.

Both the BANG and the Ore hopper join the previously announced Coal Hopper as new '07 offerings.

The PEEP series of mini passenger car sets get a Christmas and Halloween paint scheme for '07 and the BEEF F A unit diesel adds a NJ Transit and Norfolk Southern "Tuxedo" paint scheme.  The NS Tuxedo scheme is also available on the F B unit.  The BUDDY series adds a few new road names including a cool looking Halloween paint scheme and the popular BEEPs get several new schemes as well.

See the Ready Made Toys website for more details.

April 08, 2007

Atlas O April '07 Announcements

For April, Altas O announced several new paint schemes for their SD40 Locomotives, 50' PS1 Plug Door Boxcars, 89' 4" Inter-modal Flat Cars and 45' Trailers.  Glad to see the SD40 being offered in one of my favorite paint schemes, the Jersey Central's "Red Baron".

3rd Rail C&O; Greenbrier - New Pre-Production Photos

The 3rd Rail division of Sunset Models released a few new pre-production photos of their beautiful C&O Greenbrier J-3 locomotive.  The details are incredible.  Reserve price is $1,195.99 and they are scheduled for a May/June '07 delivery.  Check out the photos here.

April 04, 2007

New Product Release From Ready Made Toys

I received this press release from Ready Made Toys today:

"To provide a fitting 'end' to toy train O&W operations and in commemoration of the 50 years since the 'real' NY Ontario & Western Railway ended their operations on March 29th 1957, Ready Made Toys/RMT has just announced a special limited run of O&W cabooses...RMT-CAB861 numbered as O&W #8317, to commemorate one of the last operating O&W cabooses. Scheduled for Summer, 2007 delivery. You can pre-order now at"

You can find out more about RMT's O&W caboose here.

March 21, 2007

New Kit From Korber Models

Textile MillLooking to drum up some business for your branch line railroad?  Korber models is shipping a new kit, Mitchell's Textile Mill, that could be the answer.  The mill measures 6.5" wide by 11" long, a nice size for a small siding.  The kit has a MSRP of $49.95.  Korber's new Single Stall Engine Shed has also strarted shipping.  See the Korber Models web site for more details.   

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March 15, 2007

MTH Announces Spring 2007 York Collector Boxcar

Mth 07 York Boxcar MTH unveiled this year's Spring TCA York collector boxcar.  The car will be the 10th in the series and feature a picture of MTH's 2007 Volume 2 catalog.  As usual, the cars can be distributed at the York TCA meet on a first come first serve basis.  Cars are available to MTHRRC members for $25.  Cost for non MTHRRC members is $30.  MTHRRC members can reserve their car for pick up at York by logging into the MTHRRC Member page.  Non members can reserve one for pick up by clicking here.  Club memberships are available for purchase on-line here.

February 13, 2007

Golden Gate Depot Coaling Tower

GgdGolden Gate Depot is producing a fully assembled O Gauge coaling tower which, based on the pre-production sample picture, looks like a great piece.  The tower is an intricately detailed plastic model of a 1930's wooden framed coaling tower complete with a light kit and movable chutes with working pulleys and cables.  It is available in black, brown or redwood.  The tower's footprint is only 9" x 6" and it stands 22" tall.   The piece has an MSRP of $199.95 but you can get it for a pre-production discounted price of $169.95.  The coaling tower will be available in April 2007.  See the Golden Gate Depot website for more details.

January 20, 2007

More New Product Announcements from Ready Made Trains

Here's a new press release from Ready Made Trains:

READY MADE TRAINS, LLC announces new road names to the series of "Ready Made Toys" 0/0-27 scale 3-rail toy train BEEP diesels representing some old favorites, industrials and today's regional carriers as the listing grows.

Using classic tooling originally created by Kusan  in the early 1950's, RMT has upgraded the BEEP to utilize 21st Century production techniques of painting and decorating with the highest level of detailing at an affordable retail price. These BEEP diesels are fully compatible with existing BEEPs and other RMT toy train products.

The BEEPs can operate on 0-27 curves and feature...

Click on the link below to read on

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January 16, 2007

New Product Announcement from Ready Made Trains

Today, I received this press release from Ready Made Trains maker of the "Ready Made Toys" line of products.  Good news for us fans of Ready Made Toys.  Glad to see my favorite, PRSL, made the list.

READY MADE TRAINS, LLC introduces another addition to the series of "Ready Made Toys" 0/0-27 scale toy trains... freight cars suitable for both the steam and diesel era with railroad names to represent old favorites, 'fallen flags', shortlines, and today's newest regional carriers and mega-railroads as the listing grows.

Using classic tooling originally created by Kusan and Marx in the early 1950's, RMT has upgraded these cars to utilize 21st Century production techniques of painting and decorating with the highest level of detailing at an affordable retail price. These freight cars are fully compatible with RMT BEEP and BEEF diesels and cabooses and an exciting addition to any toy train empire.

First in this new product line is a 2-bay "smooth-side" coal hopper that features...

Click on the link below to read on

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January 03, 2007

Atlas O January '07 Announcements

Atlaso_1The list of new products from Atlas O for January, 2007 includes EMD F2/F3 Phase 1 A & B unit locomotives.  The A & B unit locomotives are available in 2 or 3 rail versions, powered or unpowered and are expected to be delivered in July, 2007.  According to Atlas O's presentation at the Fall TCA Open House, this will be the first in a series of the legendary F units produced by Atlas O. 

Atlas also unveiled 5 new paint schemes for their highly collectible O 40' Woodside Reefer lineGlasser, Crandell Co., Meeter's Sauerkraut, Pabst-ett, Stokely's, and Sun Rayed will all be available in 2 rail (MSRP $67.95) and 3 rail (MSRP $62.95) versions with an expected delivery date of May, 2007.

See for more details.


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January 02, 2007

New "BEEPeople" From Ready Made Toys

RMT LogoI received some new product news over this past weekend from Ready Made Toys.   RMT has announced a new product called BEEPeople.  BEEPeople are seated figures that are fully painted in an assortment of clothing colors perfect for populating your empty passenger rail cars or enhancing your station platforms and buildings.  The figures are hand painted with full facial details and clothing details and can be used in Ready Made Toys, Lionel, MTH, Weaver, Atlas, Williams and K-line rail cars.  BEEPeople will be sold in sets of 48 figures with an MSRP of only $29.95 (a great deal when compared to other manufacturer's prices).  RMT-943217 BEEPeople seated figures are currently in production and will arrive sometime in Spring, 2007.  You can pre-order your set(s) now by visiting

Click on the link below for more about RMT's new products and a pre-production picture of the BEEPeople.

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December 02, 2006

Atlas O December Announcments

Atlaso_1Atlas O released their new product announcements for December.  New paint schemes for Altas O's ALCO RS-1 locomotive top the list.  The New York Central RS-1 is a beauty.  Atlas is also offering their USRA Double Sheathed Box Cars in new paint schemes and 2 new O-27 Industrial Rail models, a double door box car and 2 bay coal hopper

Atlas will be offering free UPS ground shipping to destinations in the Continental US on orders from their on-line store totaling $75 or more.  The free shipping offer ends February 2, 2006.

Visit the Atlas O website for more details.

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November 13, 2006

Lionel's Hiawatha

Lionel 2006 Catalog Vol 1 Lionel's new Milwaukee Road Hiawatha has been the subject of a couple of very informative threads appearing on the O Gauge RailRoading forum and the Model Train Journal forum.  Lionel's latest version of the Hiawatha was introduced in their 2006 Volume 1 catalog and is now starting to be delivered.  I got a good look at the stream lined locomotive and matching passenger cars at the TCA's fall York, PA meet and was very impressed with the detail.  The end of the observation car is a work of art but unfortunately there are no pictures of it in the threads. Check out the forum threads below:

Lionel's New Hiawatha - Model Train
Lionel Hiawatha is here - O Gauge Railroading

Click on the link below for links to photos of the real Hiawatha

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November 01, 2006

Lionel Announces UP Heritage Collection

Yesterday, Lionel announced in a press release that they will produce an "officially licensed" version of Union Pacific's Heritage Locomotive series.  The series consists of 6 locomotives decorated in paint schemes from the fallen flag railroads Union Pacific has acquired over the years.  Lionel also announced a Lionel/Union Pacific joint release of a 7th paint scheme sometime in 2008. 

Click on the link below to read on

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October 31, 2006

Korber Models New Single Stall Engine Shed

Korberlogo Korber Models has posted a few photos of their newest O Gauge offering, a single stall engine shed with attached machine shop.  The shed is 19" long, has doors on both ends and extender kits will be available.  Check out the photos at the Korber Models news page and their main site.

October 09, 2006

First Steam Locomotive For Atlas O Announced

Atlasosteam Atlas O announced today their first production steam locomotive will be available for ordering as part of the November 2006 monthly catalog with a delivery date of April 2007.  The USRA 0-6-0 Switcher will be the first offering in what Atlas O is calling their "Founders Series".  Atlas teased the coming of a steam model in their previous catalogs and now it is a reality.  From the press release:

"The 0-6-0 is based upon a standardized design created by the   United States Railway Administration (USRA) and was a frequent sight on railroads   big and small throughout the country. Four road names will be available upon   release, including Burlington, Central of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Union Pacific.

Click on the link below to read on

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September 29, 2006

Boxcar Betty

Looking for that special Christmas gift for your favorite O Gauge fan?  Marc over at the Standard Gauge Blog posted about a calendar that would look great in any guy's train room.  Check it out here.

September 16, 2006

New Golden Gate Depot Pullman Cars Announced

Ggd Golden Gate Depot has announced they will be offering 80' Pullman 12-1 Sleepers for $99.99 MSRP.  Delivery is scheduled for later this year.  If you're unfamiliar with Golden Gate Depot, it is affiliated with Scott Mann of 3rd Rail and Sunset Models.  I got a close look at Golden Gate Depot's offerings at the Spring 2006 TCA open house and they were beautiful.  The detail is incredible for the price and they would look right at home behind the highly detailed locomotives from 3rd Rail.  Check out the new Pullman 12-1 Sleepers here.


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September 01, 2006

Atlas O New Product Announcements - September '06

AtlasO Atlas O announced their new paint schemes and road numbers for the following products:

C-630 & C-628 Locomotives
1923 ARA (X-29) Steel Box Car
40' USRA Composite Gondola
Gunderson Stack Cars
40' & 45' Containers

Deadline for ordering the above is October 27, 2006.  See the Atlas O website for more details.

August 12, 2006

MTH Announces New Pittsburgh Themed Items

MTH continues it's successful relationship with the Pittsburgh Model Railroading Retailers Cooperative by introducing 3 new products and the return of previously released item.   New for  '06 is the Pittsburgh Christmas Boxcar (MSRP $39.95) due out in November 2006, a Pittsburgh Steelers die-cast Bus (MSRP $29.95) due out in October 2006 and a Heinz Field Boxcar (MSRP $44.95) due out in due out in December 2006.  Returning is the MTH Premier Line Pittsburgh/Champion 2 bay coal hopper (MSRP $44/95) due out in December 2006 and available in 2 new car numbers.

TMCC II Legacy

TMCC II "Legacy" is Lionel's new digital train control system.  I posted about this in the past but "Clyde Coil" and "D. Railer" over at the HiRail Times blog have been posting so many new articles about the system I thought it was worth mentioning again.  You can also get the scoop directly from the new Lionel catalog by clicking on the following links:


Based on the recent posts on HiRail Times it seems like the new "Legacy" system is amazing.  I wish I had a layout that could handle Lionel's new Union Pacific "Big Boy" which is one of the first products to get the new system and includes a TMCC II Legacy controller. 

August 03, 2006

Atlas O New Product Announcements - August '06

Atlas O announced it's August "mini catalog" today.  3 items this month including a new model of a 17,600 gallon Trinity Syrup Tank car, new paint schemes for the 70 ton covered hopper (the Chessie version should look nice) and new paint schemes for the PS-4427 low side hopper.  The deadline for placing a guaranteed order for these items is August 29, 2006.  See the Atlas O website for more details.


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July 23, 2006

"Lionel Trains: On Track" for Nintendo DS

Lioneltrains DSI Games will be releasing Lionel Trains: On-Track in Q4 of 2006 for the Nintendo DS game system.  The game is supposedly like Railroad Tycoon and will feature 20 different Lionel trains. The game lists for $19.95 and has a release date of 10/17/06.  This is an interesting branding play by Lionel to attract the attention of the video gaming crowd (or is it a play by DSI for kids interested in Lionel Trains?).

Clyde Coil Post About TMCC "Legacy"

Clyde Coil of the Hi Rail Times blog posted a few details about the new Lionel TMCC "Legacy" system.  As reported by back in April, the system that everyone has been referring to as TMCC2 will be making it's debut at the LCCA convention in Denver, Colorado.  Clyde mentions  retrofit kits will be available to upgrade older locomotives and hints that you will be able to upgrade Atlas O locos as well.  He goes on to mention that DCS will still have the same compatibility with Lionel's TMCC systems.

Read Clyde's post here.


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July 20, 2006

RR In A Box

I like innovative products that have the potential of attracting new people into the model railroading hobby.  Back in April at the spring '06 York, PA Train Collector's Association show I came upon such a product called RR In A Box.  I ran into the RR In A Box crew again at the NMRA National Train show in Philadelphia where I got the chance to check out their product more closely and snap some photos.  Click on the link below to read on.

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July 02, 2006

Atlas O New Product Announcements

Good news for fans of 0-27.  In Atlas O's monthly list of new product announcements there are several Industrial Rail 0-27 products (Atlas purchased Industrial Rail earlier this year).  The list includes a Single Door Box Car, Plug Door Boxcar, Gondola with Pipe Load, Skeleton Log Car, Flatcar and a Single Dome Tank Car.  The box cars will retail for $27.95 and the others will retail for $32.95. Delivery dates range from October '06 though January '07 and each will be offered in various road names. See the Atlas O website for more details.

Atlas also announced new paint schemes and road numbers for their O Scale GP-9 locomotive and new paint schemes for their "Extended Vision" Caboose.


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June 16, 2006

See MTH's New HO Locomotive In Action

MTH has released a Pennsylvania Railroad K4 steam locomotive in HO scale.  It's MTH's first HO scale product.  Model Railroader Magazine has released a video of the new K4 as a companion piece to a review in the upcoming issue of Model Railroader Magazine.  You can check out the video here.

June 08, 2006

New Announcements From Atlas O

Atlas O has announced on their web site the availability a new paint scheme and new road numbers for their O Dash 8 40 B/BW and 32BHW locomotives.  The new paint scheme is Conrail Quality and the new road numbers are available for Norfolk Southern, BNSF, Amtrak and Santa Fe. They also announced new paint schemes for their O 36' Wood Refrigerator Cars.  The paint schemes include Atlantic Seaboard Dispatch, Libby's, Swift Premium Bacon, Swift Premium Ham, T.N. Fosse and Wescott & Winks "Jersey Gold".  Visit the Atlas O web site or your local Atlas O dealer for more details.


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June 07, 2006

Williams Recreates Lionel's "Girl's Train" With A Twist

Image181 In 1957, Joshua Lionel Cowen, founder of Lionel, decided to attempt to cater to girls after basically ignoring them in his marketing for the prior 50+ years.  Cowen's famous marketing strategy was to insist that model trains strengthened the father - son relationship.  A 1934 ad proclaims:

"There is a fascination about Lionel Engineering that you will find second only to the joy of close companionship with your boy.  You will see his youthful affection transformed into a deep companionship that will keep him your friend for life"*

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June 02, 2006

Ready Made Toys PEEP

Ready Made Toys has released pictures of their scaled down version of passenger cars meant to accompany the RMT BEFFs and BEEPs.  The PEEPs will be sold as a set of 3 cars - a baggage car, coach car and observation car and the set retails for $79.95.  Initially, the PEEPS will be available in Baltimore & Ohio, New York Central and Pennsylvania road names.  You can pre order your set of PEEPs on the RMT website.  The PEEPs are scheduled to be available the fall of this year.

Corgi Second US Catalog For 2006

Adding Corgi die cast vehicles to your layout adds a real sense of realism.  Corgi's second USA catalog for 2006 is now available  on-line and contains some beautiful models.  One model that is sure to attract attention on any O Gauge layout is a 1/50th scale Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus with Corgi's Sights and Sounds feature.  This is the the first US based model containing Corgi's Sights and Sounds.  The Sights and Sounds include operating headlights and blinkers as well as engine sounds and a horn all of which are controlled by a remote control.  The retail price of the Scenicruiser is $90.00 and is scheduled to be available in October of this year.

May 04, 2006

New Atlas O Products Announced

Several new items including Atlas O 50' PS-1 Plug Door Box Cars, Trainman 40' Hy-Cube Box Cars, and  Atlas O and Trainman PS-2 Covered Hoppers were announced on the Atlas O web site on May 3rd.  Atlas O also announced several new road names road numbers for their Atlas O GP-35 locomotives, Atlas O 8,000 Gallon Tank Cars and Atlas O 40' Rebuilt Wood Refers.  The deadline for placing guaranteed orders for these products is Wednesday, June 28, 2006.  See the Atlas O website or your authorized Atlas O dealer for more details.

April 25, 2006

Where's the "BEEF"?

Ready Made Toys unveiled their new "BEEF" A units and B units on the RMT web site.  The BEEFs are smaller versions of F3 locomotives that are based upon the RMT BEEP chassis.  RMT will also be launching PEEPs which are versions of a baggage, coach and observation cars that are scaled to match the BEEFs and BEEPs in size.  You can order your BEEFs on the RMT website for a scheduled Fall 2006 delivery.

April 16, 2006

Korber Models Announces New Modular Building System

Korber Models, makers of model railroad structures, has announced on their website they will be unveiling a new modular building system at the Train Collectors Association York, Pa show.  The system will be available in full kits or pieces.  Modular building kits enable  modelers to purchase separate sections of a structure to build a unique custom buildings.

April 07, 2006

RMT Announces New Road Names for "Buddy"

Walter Matuch, owner of Ready Made Toys, announced yesterday on the O Gauge Railroad forum the availability of several new road names for RMT's "Buddy" RDC Car.  The road names include:  Long Island Railroad (#3103 & #3104), Sperry Rail Services (#100), Alaska Railroad (#703 & #704) and Pennsylvania Railroad (#105) "Horseshoe Curve".  See my review of RMT's "Buddy" here.

March 31, 2006

Atlas O Announces New Products

Atlas O announced they are taking reservations for several new products:

The deadline for placing guaranteed orders for the above products is May 29, 2006.

The latest Spring '06 issue of the Atlas RR Report is also available on the Atlas website.

March 28, 2006

Product Announcements

R-Bishop Model Crafters announced a new 30 Ton US Navy Switcher, Sunset Models - 3rd Rail Division has announced several new products including a M4a "Colorado" 2-10-4 and Weaver Models has 3 new versions of their Northeast caboose in stock.

March 17, 2006

"Sneak Preview" of Hiawatha on Lionel Web Site

Lionel has posted a series of "sneak preview" photos of their upcoming Hiawatha locomotive on the Lionel website today.

March 10, 2006

Info About New Lionel Control System on Hi Rail Times

A new article by D. Railer of Hi Rail Times is suggesting that retro kits will be available when the new TMCC LEGACY system is released.  D. Railer also mentions a "A LEGACY Master Control Panel for operation of entire LIONEL layouts".  Sounds interesting.

Read the entire Hi Rail Times Article

March 03, 2006

Atlas O Announcement

Atlas O has announced new paint schemes and road numbers for the following:

February 28, 2006

Weaver Models Announces In-Stock Items

Weaver Models has announced on its website that "the following list of cars are now in stock":

  • CB&Q & Pittsburgh, Shawmut & Northern Outside Braced Box Cars
  • GTW and Bessemer & Lake Erie Steel Side Box Cars
  • REA and CN Wood Side Refrigerator Cars
  • Milwaukee Road Express Box Car
  • N&W 2-Bay Offset Side Coal Car
  • Cargill, Pressureaide, GTW, Shell Plastics & Corn Products 4-Bay Centerflows
  • Norfolk Southern AC-2 Covered Hopper
  • L&N Steel Side Double Door Box Car
  • ONE (1) 2-Rail Troop Kitchen Car  That's right, only ONE available so act fast!

Visit the Weaver Models website for more information.

February 23, 2006

Weaver Models US Army RS-3 In Stock

Weaver is indicating on their web site that their U.S. Army RS-3 locomotive is in stock.  3-Rail versions with sound retail for $329.00, w/o sound - $279 and the dummy unit lists for $159.95.

MTH Announces Super Bowl XL Box Car

MTH announced yesterday that they will be offering a box car commemorating Super Bowl XL.  Delivery is scheduled for April 2006.  The box car retails for $44.95.

February 21, 2006

Double Silo from Korber Models

Korber Models has launched a new double silo kit for O Gauge.  The kit is 32" long, 7" wide and 21" high.  A perfect addition for a HUGE layout.  Available for $189.95 from Korber Models.

February 20, 2006

UPDATE: Lionel Acela Prices Dropping on eBay

Since my last post on this topic, the price of a Lionel Acela set on eBay is coming done.  Over the past month, the Acela sold for as high as $2,224.99 on 1/29/06.  The lowest price paid to date is $1,609.90 on 2/19/06.  Lionel limited production of the Acela to 2,000 sets and the retail price is $1,999.99.  The chart below shows the Acela prices on eBay since 1/22/06.  Click on the chart for a larger view.


February 18, 2006

New Pictures Posted on Atlas Website

Atlas O has posted pictures of a few new products on their website.  The are:

Gunderson Stack Cars

45' Containers

C-628 Locomotives

The Gunderson cars are beautiful.  Wish I had a big enough layout to run a string of them.

February 15, 2006

MTH Announces New Uncataloged Items

MTH Electric Trains announced 4 uncataloged Pittsburgh related items today.  Items include an Olde Frothingslosh Tank Car - $44.95, a Pittsburgh PCC Trolley with Allegheny Fair livery featuring special Proto-Sound® 2.0 trolley stop sounds for the stops from South Hills Junction to Mesta - $229.95, a 40' High Cube Pirates All Star Box Car - $49.95 and a Premier Line Aliquippa and Southern Hopper - $42.95.





February 01, 2006

More Lionel Acela Pictures

CSX FAN posted some more Acela Pics on the OGR forum.  His layout is impressive, especially the cantenary lines.  The detail that Lionel built into this set is amazing.

View the Acela Photos

Update:  Even more pics from OGR  Great detail in these photos!

January 29, 2006

Acela Pics

One picture of the new Acela posted by Prewardude on the Classic Toy Trains forum.

See the Acela picture on CTT.

See more pics on OGR.

January 28, 2006

Lionel's Acela Set Showing Up in Hobby Shops

The buzz around the O Gauge forums indicates that some hobby shops have taken delivery of Lionel's new Acela sets.  No pictures or videos posted on the web yet but stayed tuned.

January 20, 2006

Lionel's Acela Set will Ship on 1/23/06

Charlienassau on OGR posted a list of items Lionel will be shipping on 1/23. The long awaited Acela set is on the list.

Read the entire post on OGR

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