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May 27, 2008

Top Notch Layout

It's been awhile since I visited Norm Charbonneau's blog.  In my opinion, he is one of the premier O Gauge modelers of our time.  Back in March, Norm posted a few videos showcasing his customized Weaver H10 and
his newly purchased Lionel "Geeps" equipped with Lionel's new Legacy control system.  The sound of the horn on the Geeps is awesome and I love the rail squeal at slow speeds.  Check out the videos here and here.

August 27, 2007

Catching Up.....

Here are a few stories from the last week or so that broke while OGaugeWatch was on vacation.

  1. After a long absence, "Clyde Coil" over at Hi-Rail Times wrote a few posts about Lionel's Legacy control system.
  2. MTH introduced the final Steelers Superbowl Boxcar in the series (unless they win another).
  3. The TCA's New England Division will host the National TCA convention in 2008 in Burlington, VT.  They announced the 2008 convention cars and they are nice.  I'm sure the Ben & Jerry's refer and the Vermont Railway maxi-stack cars will be a big hit.  Save 5% if you order by 10/31/07.  See all the cars here.
  4. 3rd Rail released production photos of their C&O Greenbrier.  What a sharp looking piece.  View the photos here.
  5. Marc over at the Standard Gauge Blog found several videos on YouTube of the late Tom Snyder interviewing Ward Kimball, the legendary Disney animator and railroad enthusiast..  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  6. Joshua at the  prewar times Blog posted that MTH is releasing a new tinplate catalog at this October's TCA York meet.  Keep an eye on prewar times for possible pre-release information about the catalog.

October 08, 2006

Lionel's TMCC2 vs MTH's DCS

D. Railer over at the Hi-Rail Times blog is maintaining a list of the differences between Lionel's TMCC2 and MTH's DCS train control systems.  He is also asking for both DCS and TMCC2 users to help add to the list.  Check out the list here.  (Ed. Note:  Hi-Rail Times & the Coil Couplers site is pro Lionel so keep that in mind when reading the comparisions and remarks.)

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August 31, 2006

Roundhouse Roundup #3

Karen over at The Thomas Institute Blog has put together her August "Roundhouse Roundup" featuring links to some neat blog posts about model railroading.  Check it out here.

August 22, 2006

OGaugeWatch Named A Content Partner of

Vizulogo, a site that enables anyone to easily create polls for the web, has added as one of their content partners.  The folks at Vizu thought my use of their poll service was a good example of how bloggers can take advantage of Vizu.   They approached me about becoming a content partner and of course I agreed.  Thanks Vizu.

Speaking of polls, be sure to participate in this month's OGaugeWatch poll.  The questions are all related to when you got started in the hobby and your first train set.  Click here  to participate.

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March 20, 2006

More Info About Lionel's "Legacy" System

Hi-Rail Times has another post containing speculation about features of the upcoming Lionel "Legacy" control system.  According to the post, the new system will have a recording and playback feature allowing the operator to automate sequences of events involving trains and accessories on a layout.

Read the Hi-Rail Times post

UPDATE 3/20/06:  The post I made reference to on Hi-Rail Times has mysteriously disappeared and has been replaced with a post anouncing the filming of Three Rail World Episode 3 the 3rd short film in a series that seems to be preparing everyone for the arrival of the new "LEGACY" control system.

March 11, 2006

Hi Rail Times Reporting Another MTH Lawsuit

D. Railer of Hi Rail Times is reporting today that MTH has filed a patent infringement suit against Lionel.  From Hi Rail Times:

MTH's view is that LIONEL's command controlled trains featuring the Odyssey speed control system with synchronized smoke and sound effects infringe MTH patents.

According to D. Railer the lawsuit asks for $15 million.  Stay tuned.

View the entire article on Hi Rail Times

March 10, 2006

Info About New Lionel Control System on Hi Rail Times

A new article by D. Railer of Hi Rail Times is suggesting that retro kits will be available when the new TMCC LEGACY system is released.  D. Railer also mentions a "A LEGACY Master Control Panel for operation of entire LIONEL layouts".  Sounds interesting.

Read the entire Hi Rail Times Article

February 14, 2006

Norm Charbonneau is Blogging

Norm Charbonneau, a celebrated O Gauge modeler that I have posted about in the past has started a blog. It's called Norm's Train Blog.   It should be an interesting read.   Norm's layout is unbelievably realistic so be sure to check out the photos posted on his website.  Looking at one of his latest photos it is hard to believe it's not a scene from a real town.  In Norm's first blog entry he announces that his layout will be featured in Issue #29 of O Scale Trains magazine due out around November of '06.

January 24, 2006

New Post on Hi-Rail Times

The day after Clyde Coil (AKA the legendary rocker and minority owner of Lionel?) posted some not so kind remarks about Lionel's choice of motors in their new Post War Celebration offerings, a new post by "D.Railer" sings the praises of the Lionel catalog. 

Read the post on Hi-Rail Times

January 23, 2006

Clyde Coil Sounds Off

In his latest post, Clyde Coil at Hi Rail Times rants about one of Lionel's new Post War Celebration sets.  The issue is with the motor Lionel choose to install in the locomotive.  Clyde is "Dang mad" about this one.

Read the entire Clyde Coil post at Hi Rail Times.

December 31, 2005

Clyde Awards

Clyde Coil over at Hi-Rail times has just published his 2005 "Clyde Awards".  See them here.

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