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November 17, 2006

Finding Train Shows, Displays and Train Shops

It's model train season and there are plenty of shows and displays scheduled across the country throughout the winter months.  The following sites are a great source for finding events. Events Calendar - Search listings by zip, state.
O Gauge Railroading Magazine - Events listed by date.
Great Train Expo - Shows listed by date.
Little Toy Trains - Events listed by date and state.

If you're looking to visit a train shop in another area during your holiday travels check out this site from MapMuse.  I've posted about it before and mention it again because it's a great site that enables you to search for shops by region, metro area, address, city, state or zip.

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June 09, 2006

Find A Train Shop

It's summer which means it's vacation time.  You're getting ready to travel and are curious if there are any hobby shops in the area you're vacationing just in case you need to do something on a rainy day.  Well, back in February I posted about a website that is an excellent resource for locating train shops in a particular region or city.  The site, built and maintained by a company called MapMuse, plots the locations of train shops as points on a map of the US.  Hovering over a point on the map will give you the name, address, phone # of the train shop and if you click on the point it gives you more info about the shop, a link to directions and even the weather forecast for the shop's location.  It's very easy to use and a very cool site.  You can view a sample map showing train shops in the Philadelphia metropolitan area here.   


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June 08, 2006

NJ Hobby Shop Up For Auction On eBay

Back in the beginning of April I posted that The CB Train Depot, a train shop in Hillside, NJ,  was being sold by it's owners.  Yesterday, the owners put the shop up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $65,000.  This one will be interesting to watch.  (I wish I could buy it!)


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May 30, 2006

Train Shops in the Southern New Jersey Area

Living in Southern New Jersey, I have visited most of the train shops in the South Jersey/Philly metro area.  If you will be vacationing down at one of the South Jersey Shore points (Atlantic City and south) and are looking to satisfy your model train fix on a rainy day here are my recommendations:

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