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November 22, 2007

REVIEW: Using Evan Designs' Model Builder Software

Mbsphoto0 Everyone knows it’s the small details that make a model train layout more interesting.  Whether your layout is 4’x 6’ or 16’ x 30’, the addition of a few simple buildings to a scene can add extra detail to bring a layout to life.  O Gauge buildings and structures aren’t cheap so a well-developed town can set you back some serious dollars.  Because of limited budgets, many have come up with ingenious methods to fabricate buildings from scratch but these techniques can be cumbersome and time consuming.  The folks at Evan Designs realized this and created a software product called Model Builder Software to simplify the construction of model buildings from scratch using card stock and printed images.  I had a chance to use this software and here are my thoughts. 

Be sure to read how to enter a chance to win a copy of Model Builder Software at the end of the review.

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June 17, 2007

Welcoming A New Sponsor: Evan Designs

Evandesigns I'm very pleased to announce that OGaugeWatch has another new sponsor, Evan Designs.  Evan Designs is the maker of several software programs that enable a modeler to create custom scenic details such as street signs, advertising signs, window coverings, brick and stone work, and stained glass.  They also offer decal paper and transparent sheets for inkjet printers.

Evan Designs also sells very reasonably priced super bright LEDs in 7 different colors and 3 sizes for use in locomotives, buildings or anywhere you need light to enhance a scene on your layout.   Have a burning building on your layout?  Evan Designs developed a special kit of LED lights that simulate fire.  They also offer a welding LED kit that simulates the flashes of a welders torch that would make a great addition to a locomotive maintenance shed or auto mechanics garage.  The best part about these kits is that they are only $9.00 each.  Check out a video of the welders kit here

All Evan Designs products can be easily ordered from their website,

Evan Designs was kind enough to supply a copy of their Model Builder software to be given away to a lucky OGaugeWatch reader.  Stay tuned for details.

Welcome Evan Designs and thanks for becoming an OGaugeWatch sponsor!  Be sure to visit my other sponsors too, Trainz, Ready Made Toys, JT's Mega-Steam and Toy Trian Trader.

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