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February 13, 2008

Corgi 2008 1st Half Catalog Available On-Line

CorgiCorgi's new 2008 1st half catalog is now available on-line.  On page 6, there's a cool limited edition "Heavy Hauler" 1:50 scale Kenworth truck pulling a 5 axle lowboy trailer with an abandoned PCC street car as the load.  It's been over a year since Corgi released a new catalog.  Download the new catalog here.

December 23, 2006

Corgi 2007 catalog available on-line

CorgiThe dead tree version of the 2007 Corgi catalog won't be mailed until March of '07 but you can view it on-line now.  There are some very nice fire trucks, a Union Pacific Mack LJ with box trailer and a Chicago and Northwestern System Diamond T620 box van, all in 1/50th scale, that would be of interest to O Gauge modelers.  Check out the catalog here.

August 30, 2006

Corgi USA To Hold Benefit Auction

Corgi Corgi USA will be holding an auction to benefit the Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  The auction will feature "SOLD OUT" models from Corgi's 50th anniversary collection.  Up for auction is a Limited Edition Sherman Tank set (US51023, US51024), a set of Limited Edition Mack L Firetrucks (US52804, US52805) and a set of 3 Limited Edition Greyhound Scenicruisers (US54415, US54416, US54417).  All models are 1/50th scale, perfect for your O Gauge layout.  Bidding will take place over a 3 week period with a different set on the auction block each week.  First up is the Sherman Tank set starting on Tuesday September 5th at 9 am central time.  See the Corgi website for more details.


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Corgi Second US Catalog For 2006

June 02, 2006

Corgi Second US Catalog For 2006

Adding Corgi die cast vehicles to your layout adds a real sense of realism.  Corgi's second USA catalog for 2006 is now available  on-line and contains some beautiful models.  One model that is sure to attract attention on any O Gauge layout is a 1/50th scale Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus with Corgi's Sights and Sounds feature.  This is the the first US based model containing Corgi's Sights and Sounds.  The Sights and Sounds include operating headlights and blinkers as well as engine sounds and a horn all of which are controlled by a remote control.  The retail price of the Scenicruiser is $90.00 and is scheduled to be available in October of this year.

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