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March 31, 2008

Welcoming A New Sponsor - TM Books & Video

TM Books & Video It's my pleasure to announce another new sponsor of, TM Books & Video.  Those of you familiar with the immensely popular and award winning I Love Toy Trains video series probably know that the series was produced by TM Books & Video.  I own all twelve parts of the series plus the Final Show and the Oh No! bloopers episode.  My son and I love them all!

The letters "TM" in TM Books & Video are the initials of the owner Tom McComas.  Mr. McComas published his first piece of work about toy trains with co-author Jim Touhy in 1974 and has been creating books and videos about the subject ever since.  In addition to the "I Love Toy Trains" series, TM's catalog of products includes a series of videos about John Deere, CAT Machines, Cowboys, Lionel Trains, Big Trains and much more.  For a complete history of TM Books & Video click here.

Lionel Nation TM Books & Video's latest video is titled Lionel Nation No. 1Lionel Nation No. 1 is a 65 minute DVD that carries on the TMBV tradition of high quality train action and music that the whole family can enjoy.  As the title implies, the focus of this video series is Lionel trains.  Whether you're new to Lionel trains or an avid enthusiasts, this video for you.  The video contains all new footage of Prewar, Postwar and Modern era Lionel trains.  Lionel Nation No. 1 is available for $19.95 + shipping.  Visit the TM Books & Video website for a preview.  Order online or call 1-800-892-2822 to get you copy of Lionel Nation No. 1

Mr. McComas supplied me with 5 copies of Lionel Nation No. 1 to give away to readers.  Stay tuned for more information about how you can have a chance to win a copy of this great video.


January 09, 2008

Welcoming A New Sponsor - Toy Trains On Tracks

BdrwI'm very happy to announce a new OGaugeWatch sponsor, Toy Trains On Tracks.  The owner of Toy Trains On Tracks, Rich Battista, recently produced a DVD featuring his beautiful 32' x 12' multi level basement layout named the Black Diamond Railway.   The DVD was recorded in wide screen format and features 73 minutes of great video of trains running on the Black Diamond Railway and very helpful "how-to" segments where Rich shows you how he built his hi-rail layout.  Rich's layout was also featured on the cover of O Gauge Railroading magazine.  The DVD sells for $19.95 plus shipping.  Read my review of the DVD here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rich and his wife at the October '07 York meet and they are good people.  Rich is a true O Gauge railroad fanatic and his wife is very supportive of his hobby and his Toy Trains On Tracks endeavor.

As OGaugeWatch readers know, I love to give away products from my sponsors.  Toy Trains On Tracks has agreed to supply me with 3 copies of the Black Diamond Railway DVD so stay tuned for details about the  giveaway.

Visit the Toy Trains On Tracks website where you'll find details and photos of the Black Diamond Railway, a preview of the video and details how to purchase a copy of the DVD.  I want to thank Toy Trains On Tracks and Rich Battista for becoming the latest sponsor of

March 13, 2007

A Big Welcome To OGW's Advertisers

I'm sure by now that regular readers have noticed the blog has undergone a slight redesign.  My primary purpose of the redesign was to make room for ad space and to clean up the design a bit.  I wasn't sure if the ad space would sell but thought it was worth a shot to try to recover the expenses to run the site and maybe have some left over for my O Gauge purchases.

Well, I'm very happy to introduce the following sponsors: has sponsored OGaugeWatch since the fall of last year.  I consider to be the prototype train shop for the next generation of O Gauge enthusiasts.   Scott Griggs, the owner of Trainz, has O Gauge in his blood and an information technology background.  He has used both to create a successful on-line presence using eBay, MySpace, YouTube and an extensive web site to complement his brick and mortar train shop.  I've met Scott and his wife at last fall's TCA Museum open house and they are very good people.  Be sure to visit often and sign up for their newsletter too.

Ready Made Toys
Ready Made Toys is a unique O Gauge toy train company that produces affordable, fun trains.  I've always loved RMT's products.  See my review last year of their Buddy here.  I own several RMT Beep diesels, Buddy RDC cars, a caboose and have my BEEPeople on order.  I've met RMT's owner, Walter Matuch, at last year's Spring York OGR Thursday night get together.  He is a funny, nice man and is very patriotic.  You may remember that Walter played a key role in sending O Gauge trains to the troops in Iraq.  Walter is very excited about sponsoring OGW and I'm glad to have RMT as a sponsor.  Visit RMT's web site to check out all their cool products.  Walter also  wanted me to pass along that BEEPeople are now in stock and began shipping on 3/12.
Toy Train Trader is an auction site alternative to the larger auction sites that specifically caters to model railroad enthusiasts of all scales.  If you're looking to try your hand at selling or buying model railroad items and don't want to use the "big guys", give a try especially since it is 100% fee free to OGaugeWatch readers until May 2007.

There's plenty of ad space left so if you're interested in placing an ad on OGaugeWatch visit the advertising page.


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