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David Hartmann


I'm relatively new to the O Gauge hobby after a long absence from model railroading.  I was introduced to model railroading as a young child.  My first O Gauge set was a Lionel Marine Corps set that I still have today.  My love for model railroading took hold when my father built a small layout of HO under the tree when I was 10 years old.  The set was a Tyco Bicentennial diesel train that I also still have today. 

After graduating from college I tinkered with various hobbies -  RC Cars, G Scale Railroading, RC Planes, Slot Cars, and plastic models.  I've moved on from all of those hobbies and now years later, being married with 2 children, decided to get back into model railroading.   The decision was an easy one because my son and daughter both love trains (thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine). 

I decided to collect O Gauge because it is a good size for the kids plus the new digital sound systems are impressive.  I've officially caught the "bug" and always have to fight urges to buy new pieces for my collection (which isn't too hard to do given the high prices).  Nonetheless, the constant struggle with the buying bug is very frustrating so, in a quest to help quench my appetite for new stuff,  I took up the habit of searching the web for all the information and news I could find about O Gauge railroading.

I've always been fascinated with the concept of blogging and have tried to launch blogs worth reading but failed due to a lack of content and desire.  Inspired by a friend with a successful blog,, I decided to start this blog about O Gauge model railroading in late December of 2005.   My goal for is to develop a destination where beginners and enthusiasts alike can keep up of the O Gauge railroading scene.  The O Gauge industry is full of pride and tradition.  It's also full of lawsuits, corporate espionage, bankruptcies and intense rivalry amongst companies and enthusiasts.  Before OGaugeWatch, the casual O Gauge hobbyist would find it difficult to keep up with what's going on in the industry because there was no single place to go get a quick look at all that's happening in O Gauge. 

For the devoted enthusiast, the various O Gauge web forums are the primary outlets to share knowledge and information about the O Gauge hobby.  Some of my content is based on what I read in those forums.   OGaugeWatch is meant to be a companion to those forums, not a competitor.  I attempt to filter through all the O Gauge information on the web, including the forums, and present what I think is most interesting in a quick concise manner.  My hope and goal is that my posts will spark more interest in people wanting to read about and participate in the O Gauge hobby.

About This Site

I maintain the site using Typepad.  I have opened up comments and trackbacks on each post.  I will gladly accept submissions for content and stories through the comments form available on each post or via email (  I will review all comments and trackbacks that are posted.  When you leave a comment or trackback, I am notified by email and reserve the right to remove comments/trackbacks based on my own discretion.  Any submissions for content are subject to my editorial review.

If you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions for improvement please contact me by email - dave [at] ogaugewatch [dot] com.


LOTS Member # RM-6906
TCA Memeber # 66-60065

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