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November 20, 2008

Calling All Christmas Track Plan Designers

Christmas is just around the corner and according to the OGaugeWatch visitor stats, lots of folks are looking for O Gauge track plan ideas for their Christmas layout (my O Gauge Track Plans and Building Your First Christmas Layout posts are getting slammed!).  If you have a cool track plan that you think others will like send it to OGaugeWatch and I'll post it.  Plans for a 4'x8' or smaller space would be ideal but I'll post larger plans too.  Send me an electronic version of your plan as an image (jpeg, gif, pdf, bmp).  Be sure to include some details of the plan including size, track type and any special instructions.  Plans can be hand drawn as long as they are converted to an image (scanned).  Send your plans to dave[at]OGaugeWatch[dot]com.


November 15, 2008

Kader Manufacturing Trust Buys Sanda Kan Industrial

As posted on the Classic Toy Trains Magazine website Kader Manufacturing Trust is purchasing Sanda Kan Industrial:

An agreement has been reached allowing model railroad manufacturer Kader Manufacturing Trust to purchase Sanda Kan Industrial, according to industry sources.

Hong-Kong headquartered Kader owns the Bachmann, Williams, Bachmann Branchline, Graham Farish, Liliput and Bachmann China brands and manufactures products for them at its facility in China’s Guandong province. Sanda Kan, also based in Hong Kong, manufactures model trains and accessories at several facilities in mainland China and has made items for Athearn, Atlas, Hornby, Life-Like, Lionel, Marklin, and Walthers, among others.

According to industry sources, Kader views the acquisition more as a merger of the two companies, with Sanda Kan operating as a separate entity and retaining its current management.

I wasn't able to find the official press release from Kader on the web but an official company communication posted on their site (pdf) gave indication that the purchase is happening.  The letter announced Kader had suspended trading in shares of the Company effective 9:30 am on 11/13 "pending the release of an announcement relating to a very substantial acquisition of the Company."   I also found an interesting blog post that attempts to sort out the major East Asian train manufacturers and what model train companies are using them. Check it out here.

November 13, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER: Carmine Frank Piecora - New Archive Additions to the Lionel Girl's Set


Carmine submitted this post earlier this year.  Enjoy!

Everyone remembers that infamous Lady Lionel train set produced in 1957 that was supposed to encourage little girls to play with trains. The miniature equivalent of Ford's Edsel or New Coke, it was a marketing nuclear disaster.  Girls wanted little to do with pink locomotives and pastel box cars and stayed away in droves.  Over time the set became a train collector's windfall if he happened to have one in his possession.  It became a must have for the serious model train collector. 

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November 08, 2008

OGaugeWatch is still breathing thanks to Twitter

So, I'm not updating OGaugeWatch on a regular basis anymore but I still come across some O Gauge news that is worth sharing but don't have the time to create full blown posts on the OGaugeWatch blog.  To be honest.....I've been itching to somehow keep OGaugeWatch alive without dedicating a lot of my time and effort.  Well, I think I may have come up with a solution.  Twitter.

Twitter is form of social networking platform and is a very easy way to 'micro-blog' by sending brief messages or 'Tweets' to a Twitter account.  Others can 'follow' the messages directly through the Twitter website, through an embedded Twitter message window on a blog, instant massaging, RSS feed, cell phone text messages and other ways.   I have an embedded window on the top of the right sidebar of OGaugeWatch that shows all my Tweets. 

Here's my plan -- I'll send Tweets as I come across O Gauge info that I feel may be interesting.  You can follow the messages by viewing them on OGaugeWatch (top of right sidebar) or through Twitter ( or the multitude of other ways to receive Twitter messages. 

Read more about Twitter here and watch a video on how to use it here (this video is over a year old but still relevant). 

PS -- When I announced the fact that I could no longer maintain OGW on a regular basis I received a lot of emails from readers thanking me for my past efforts.  I want to publicly thank all those whose took the time to send a comment.  All were greatly appreciated! 

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