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July 03, 2008

Lionel Updates New Legacy System Software....

Yesterday, Lionel announced the availability of a new version of their Legacy Control System software.  Unfortunately, Legacy owners will have to return their command base and remote to Lionel to receive the upgrade.  You can view Lionel's press release here for more information on how to return the base and remote.

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Looks Lionel is doing a pretty fantastic job on turn-around for this upgrade. Most are getting it back in less than a week.

We set up a large Christmas display for a Toys For Tots party each year. To add some excitement to the Lefton Colonial Village, we purchased several lionel trains and a legacy command system. So far I have encountered only one problem with the 990 system. When the batteries got warm from charging, the center row in the numeric panel ceased to function. I sent it back for the V 1.2 upgrade and Lionel fixed it and shipped it out the same day. Works fine now but I don't let it charge too long in the base anymore.
Opinion: The record function is great for creating a sequence to run while entertaining guests - HOWEVER - the amount of memory is pitifully small. Given today's low semi-conductor cost, I would think Lionel would be well advised to increase the recording memory by 10-fold.
This is a marvelous function that can be used to create and playback complex sequences without operator intervention but it has to hold a reasonable amount of data for it to be truly marketable. Other than that, great job Lionel. I can meet with our guests while the trains run unattended.

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