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July 31, 2008

Evan Designs Special Offer

EvandesignsIf you are not familiar with Evan Designs you should be.  They make really cool easy to use software that lets you design card stock buildings and signs that look fantastic -- read my review here

Evan Designs is a sponsor of and is offering all OGaugeWatch readers a set of plans and print outs  for one free building.  Click here to visit the free building web page that is complete with links and how-to instructions to get you on your way to making your free building.

In addition to the software, Evan Designs offers a line of LED lights and LED kits that simulate FIRE and WELDING.  The folks at Evan Designs were kind enough to supply me with a few copies of their Model Builder software, Brickyard Software and a few of the FIRE and WELDING LED kits.  Stay tuned for an Evan Design Giveaway in the coming weeks.

Important Press Release from ACE Trains

I received the following from ACE Trains....

After an association going back over 13 years Andries Grabowsky and Allen Levy have decided to go their own ways. Andries will resurrect his Darstaed line of Marklin repro coaches and new locomotives and Allen will continue with the ACE marque with new items being announced late 2008. The ACE programme will be scaled back but all announced lines will come through but manufacture will not be exclusively based in Thailand. Spares and maintenance of existing lines will, continue under the direction of Len Mills. The balance of the Castle programme will come from Bangkok over the next six months or so including the double chimnied version. Series 2 types (square inside cylinder covers) light green BR, and also wartime versions.

Click on the link below to read on

Continue reading "Important Press Release from ACE Trains" ยป

July 27, 2008

Newspaper Article About Lionel's Chief Technology Officer

The Dispatch, a Pennsylvania newspaper, has a nice article about Lionel's Chief Technology Officer, Jon Zahornacky.  Check it out here.

PS - I'll be back to posting on a regular basis in August.

July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Flagsmall Happy 4th everyone!  The photo to the left was snapped by my wife during our visit to the US Naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The flag is flying at half staff over the memorial building atop the sunken battleship USS Arizona.

Head on over to for a great 4th of July article that includes some great renditions of patriotic songs accompanied by video. 

Thanks for reading OGaugeWatch, enjoy the holiday and be safe.


July 03, 2008

Lionel Updates New Legacy System Software....

Yesterday, Lionel announced the availability of a new version of their Legacy Control System software.  Unfortunately, Legacy owners will have to return their command base and remote to Lionel to receive the upgrade.  You can view Lionel's press release here for more information on how to return the base and remote.

July 01, 2008

News About Lionel's Heritage Series

I received this from a reader about two weeks ago (sorry for the delay...I've been very busy over the last 2 months).  It's a response from Lionel to a question asking when the Lionel Heritage Series SD70ACE diesel locomotives will be shipped.

The SD70's will be shipped within the next 30-60 days (sorry I do not
have an exact date). The hold up is due to some serious flaws we found
in the preproduction sample. I can honestly say the hold up is partly my
fault. I refused to allow the production folks to ship the SD70ACe's
when they were not right! We are currently awaiting a finished sample
with all the corrections we recommended to the builder. Once that
arrives, if it passes our inspection, the locomotives will be released
for production/shipping. I apologize for the delay in getting these
products to you, but if they are not going to ship out and be right we
are not going to allow them to ship. I can assure you that when you
receive the SD70's you will be very pleased with the product! Thank you
for your patience and confidence in Lionel it is very much appreciated
from this end!

Thank You,
Mike Reagan
Director of Customer Service

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