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April 07, 2008


Lionel NationTM Books and Video, the maker of the I Love Toy Trains series of videos and many other toy and big train videos, has supplied me with 5 copies of their latest model train video, Lionel Nation (check out a preview here).  I will be giving away 1 copy of Lionel Nation a week over the next 5 weeks.  To be eligible to win all you need to do is subscribe to email updates.  Subscribe by clicking here.  Here are the simple giveaway rules:

Click on the link below to read on

  1. One winner will be chosen at random from the list of OGaugeWatch email update subscribers on each of the next 5 Mondays starting on 4/14/08.
  2. Winners will be contacted by email and must respond with their name and shipping address within 5 days of receiving the winning email notification.  If a winner fails to respond within 5 days another winner will be selected.
  3. Giveaway winners must wait  6 weeks after winning before eligible again to win another giveaway item.

If you are already a subscriber to OGaugeWatch's email updates than you're already entered in the giveaway.  I encourage everyone to continue to receive email updates after the TM Books and Video giveaway is over because I will use the subscriber list to give away other items in the future.

Good luck and I want to thank the great folks at TM Books and Video for the giveaway items!


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