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April 28, 2007

Tour The Weaver Models Factory This October

Weaverlogo_2Weaver Models, in conjunction with O Gauge Railroading magazine will be offering a guided tour of the Weaver factory in Northumberland, PA on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 (the day before the York Fall train meet).  Weaver is the last O Gauge train manufacturer to actually build trains in the US.  These OGR tours usually fill up fast so reserve your spot now.  Cost is $50 per person and includes lunch and motor coach transportation to and from the factory.  See the Weaver website for more details.

April 27, 2007

Lionel 2007 Christmas Catalog Available On-line

LionelLionel has released its 2007 Christmas catalog on-line.  Highlights include the new G Scale version of the Polar Express, an O Gauge Polar Express Steam Train Sounds tender and new Holiday 2-8-2 Mikados with Railsounds available in red or green.  The back cover includes a teaser for the new Harry Potter Hogwarts Express.  View the new catalog here.

Chicagoland Diner Will Be Serving Meals By Lionel Trains For Last Time on Sunday

Snackville Junction is a small diner located outside of Chicago in Evergreen Park, IL and is famous for delivering meals to it's customers using Lionel trains.  It has been doing so for over 60 years.  Jeff Silhan has owned the diner for the past 21 years and is hanging up his engineer hat for the last time on Sunday, April 29th.  Read all about Snackville Junction in this Chicago Tribune article or view WMAQ NBC 5's news story about the diner here.


UPDATE 4/30/07: Another good article about Snackville Junction can be found here.

Panzenhagen Train Collection Up For Auction On 4/29 - Over 440 Lots, Mostly Pre-War Lionel

On Sunday April, 29th, Bertoia Auctions of Vineland, NJ will be auctioning off the Panzenhagen collection.  The collection is made up of mostly pre-war Lionel and some American Flyer and Ives items.  You can participate in the auction in person by visiting Bertoia Auction at 2141 DeMarco Dr, Vineland, NJ 08360 or participate on-line using eBay Live Auctions.  Click here to view the auction lots on eBay. 

April 26, 2007

MTH 2007 Volume 2 Catalog Corrections

MthlogoMTH announced several corrections to their 2007 Volume 2 catalog yesterday. 


Premier Steam

  • A second Premier Southern Pacific GS-4 Daylight locomotive has been added to the production run. This second unit, item no. 20-3303-1 will be lettered with cab no. 4449.

Premier Diesel

  • Item No. 20-2817-1, 20-2817-2, 20-2817-3 (Missouri Pacific SD50) on page 117 depicts an incorrect color scheme. An updated photo will be loaded onto the website shortly and can be found using the website's Advanced Search tool located at the top home page.
  • Item No. 20-2822-1, 20-2822-2, 20-2822-3 (BNSF ES44) was incorrectly listed as a ES44AC. The BNSF will actually be produced as a ES44DC as the mold design created for the ES44 locomotive is configured for both AC and DC versions.

Click on the link below to read on

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April 25, 2007

A Great Example of How To Sell a Large Collection on eBay

I've seen many large O Gauge collections listed for auction on eBay.  Almost all of them lack good information about the collection, have few good photos and some even lack a list of all the items in the collection.  I came across a recent eBay listing for a large O Gauge collection that is a great example of how to sell such a collection the right way on eBay.  The listing has lots of information, plenty of pictures and, believe it or not, a complete inventory of every item in the collection that is up for auction.  Imagine that!  Best of all, shipping is free if the opening bid is met.  Check out the auction here.

April 24, 2007

Ready Made Toys New Product Announcements

RMT LogoWalter Matuch, president of Ready Made Trains, LLC, announced several new additions to the Ready Made Toys lineup for 2007 at the Spring '07 York train meet. 

RMT will be adding a "BANG" ALCO S-4 Diesel Switcher in '07.  The S-4 will come complete with dual motors, electronic reverse, die-cast couplers and directional lighting and be offered in 12 paint schemes.  The pre-production samples looked very nice.  MSRP for the BANG is $79.95.

Also new for '07 will be RMT's Ore Hopper car.  The ore hoppers will be sold for a MSRP of $49.95 per set of 2 ore cars (2 different #'s per same road-name set).  The ore cars will come complete with a standing BEEPeople brakeman and be offered in 14 different road-names.

Both the BANG and the Ore hopper join the previously announced Coal Hopper as new '07 offerings.

The PEEP series of mini passenger car sets get a Christmas and Halloween paint scheme for '07 and the BEEF F A unit diesel adds a NJ Transit and Norfolk Southern "Tuxedo" paint scheme.  The NS Tuxedo scheme is also available on the F B unit.  The BUDDY series adds a few new road names including a cool looking Halloween paint scheme and the popular BEEPs get several new schemes as well.

See the Ready Made Toys website for more details.

Atlas O at TCA Open House

The folks at the TCA's National Toy Train Museum posted a video of Atlas O's presentation that took place at the TCA's Spring '07 open house.  Watch Jim Weaver's presentation here.

UPDATE:  Atlas O's 2007 Spring/Summer Catalog available on-line here.

MTH 2007 Volume 2 O Gauge Catalog Available On-line

MthlogoMTH's new 2007 Volume 2 O Gauge catalog is now available on-line.  You can view it here.

Since purchasing a Southern Pacific GS4 Imperial Series locomotive from the last catalog, I've become a big fan of the Imperial line of MTH locomotives.  This catalog contains a few new additions to the RailKing Imperial series including a 4-8-4 Northern, 0-6-0 Switcher and 2-8-2 Mikado.  Other products that caught my eye are the RailKing 4-8-8-2 Cab Forward which operates on 0-31 track, the RailKing Commodore Vanderbilt 4-6-4 Hudson, the RailKing Galloping Goose, the Premier 4-6-2 K-4s Streamlined steam engine, the George Bush 41 paint scheme on the Premier SD70Ace and the set of Premier flat cars with M1a tank loads.


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Review:  MTH's GS-4 And Matching Passenger Cars

Appeal's Court Denies MTH's Petition For Rehearing by Erol Gurcan

On April 19, The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals denied MTH's petition for a rehearing of its December 14, 2006 decision. That earlier decision vacated the jury's $40.8 million verdict in favor of MTH in the trade secrets case, and remanded it to the Eastern District of Michigan for another trial. While the above news is certainly important, it is not unexpected. I stated in a post in January that MTH's chances of prevailing on the petition were small. Additionally, MTH's Attorney Alec Ostrow stated at least twice at the bankruptpcy court conference on January 9, 2007 that is was unlikely MTH would prevail on the petition.

The more important question now becomes, what is going to happen now that the appeals process is over. Where do we go from here?

Click on the link below to read on

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April 21, 2007

Model Railroading In The News #21

OGW NewspaperSpring is here and the model railroading coverage in local media is waning a bit but there are still some stories out there.  Click on the link below to read on.

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April 18, 2007

Weaver Releases Fall 2007 Supplement Catalog On-line

Weaverlogo_2Weaver released a Fall '07 catalog supplement and made it available on-line here.  Also, at the TCA Open House today I snapped a few pictures of Weaver's new brass crossing tower, switch tower and water tank.  The photo of the tank shows a few paint imperfections because the brass model was hastily painted black the night before for the show.  Pictures of the towers can be viewed here.

UPDATE:  View more pictures of Weaver's brass towers here.

April 17, 2007

Lionel Financials - March '07 by Erol Gurcan

Lionel's monthly operating report for March 2007, filed with the bankruptcy court on April 13, 2007, showed net earnings, or profit of $189,000. While the amount itself is small, it is a profit nonetheless, which is significant for this time of year. During the calendar year 2006, Lionel did not post a monthly profit during the first seven months of that year. Additionally, in March 2006, Lionel showed a loss of $349,000 and in March 2005, a loss of $534,000.

Click on the link below to read on

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April 12, 2007

Associated Press Article About Lionel's Bankruptcy

The Detroit news is running an Associated Press article concerning Lionel's bankruptcy.  Read it here.

UPDATE:  Check out Erol Gurcan's report here.

Review: MTH's GS-4 and Matching Passenger Cars

GS4 Southern Pacific's "Daylight" passenger trains awash with vermilion red and bright orange stripes separated by silver pinstripes are arguably the most beautifully decorated streamlined passenger trains to every ride the rails.  SP's famous Coast Daylight winding along California's coastline between Los Angeles and San Francisco must have been some sight.  Among rail fans, the most popular Daylights were those pulled by the Lima Locomotive Works 4-8-4 class GS-4 Northern locomotives decked out in the Daylight paint scheme.  SP had 28 GS-4's on their roster.

Today, O Gauge models of the SP GS-4 dressed in the Daylight paint scheme are very popular among enthusiasts.  So much so that both Lionel and MTH offered the locomotive in very recent catalogs.  Lionel is also releasing a K-Line by Lionel version as well.  MTH cataloged a version of the GS-4 in the MTH 2006 Volume 2 O Gauge catalog as part of the RailKing Imperial product line.  The Imperial line is marketed by MTH as a step above the RailKing line because Imperial locomotives include added details that would usually be found on MTH's more expensive Premier products.   

Click on the link below to read on

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April 10, 2007

Lionel's TMCC II Legacy in the hands of a master modeler

Some of you may not be familiar with Norm Charbonneau.   Norm is what I and many others would consider a master O Gauge modeler.  His layout is a work of art and has graced the cover of O Scale magazine late last year (a rarity for a 3 rail layout).  Norm also maintains a blog for the purposes of chronicling progress made on his layout and for sharing his modeling knowledge.  The subject of his latest post is Lionel's TMCC II Legacy train control system.  Norm had the unique opportunity to put Lionel's new train control system and a new TMCC II equipped Big Boy on his layout for a test session.  Read about his evening with Legacy here.

April 08, 2007

Atlas O April '07 Announcements

For April, Altas O announced several new paint schemes for their SD40 Locomotives, 50' PS1 Plug Door Boxcars, 89' 4" Inter-modal Flat Cars and 45' Trailers.  Glad to see the SD40 being offered in one of my favorite paint schemes, the Jersey Central's "Red Baron".

3rd Rail C&O; Greenbrier - New Pre-Production Photos

The 3rd Rail division of Sunset Models released a few new pre-production photos of their beautiful C&O Greenbrier J-3 locomotive.  The details are incredible.  Reserve price is $1,195.99 and they are scheduled for a May/June '07 delivery.  Check out the photos here.

April 04, 2007

New Product Release From Ready Made Toys

I received this press release from Ready Made Toys today:

"To provide a fitting 'end' to toy train O&W operations and in commemoration of the 50 years since the 'real' NY Ontario & Western Railway ended their operations on March 29th 1957, Ready Made Toys/RMT has just announced a special limited run of O&W cabooses...RMT-CAB861 numbered as O&W #8317, to commemorate one of the last operating O&W cabooses. Scheduled for Summer, 2007 delivery. You can pre-order now at"

You can find out more about RMT's O&W caboose here.

Lionel's Super O Track

To model railroad purists the presence of the unrealistic third rail running down the center of O Gauge track is a major drawback to O Gauge model railroading.  Even with today's realistic looking modern offerings from Atlas, Lionel, MTH, Gargraves and Ross Custom Switches, that third rail is hard to hide.  Back in the heyday of O Gauge railroading, modelers were basically stuck with using the unrealistic looking three rail tinplate track Lionel was manufacturing at the time.  Modelers came up with ways to enhance the look of tinplate track by adding extra home made railroad ties and weathering the rails but the third rail still stuck out like a sore thumb.  O Gauge enthusiasts didn't seem to mind but those looking to create a more realistic model railroad layout opted for 2 rail O Scale, S Gauge or HO scale.  Despite its unrealistic appearance, running electricity through a third rail did simplify the control of automatic accessories and eliminated the need for special wiring on layouts with reversing loops. 

Click on the link below to read on

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MTH 2007 Volume 2 Catalog Release Dates Set

MTH announced today that their 2007 O Gauge Volume 2 catalog will be distributed at the York TCA meet on Thursday, April 19th and counter copies will arrive in hobby shops as soon as April 18th.  Mailing list subscribers will receive their copies the week of April 22nd.  The on-line version of the catalog will not be released until Monday, April 22nd.

April 02, 2007

OGW Poll: How much do you plan to spend on O Gauge this year?

CheckmarkFor April's poll, I want to revisit the spending question I first asked around this time last year.  Last year 49% of the participants indicated they would spend between $1,000 and $3,000.  It will be interesting to see how much that number changes this year.  To participate in the poll, scroll down the page a bit and the question will be located in the right hand sidebar. 

OGW Poll Results: Collecting/Running Other Scales

The results of the March '07 OGW Poll are final and surprisingly (to me) more than 53% responded that they don't collect/run other scales.   I expected at least half would have indicated they collected/ran other scales.  For those that do, HO topped the list, as I expected, follow by a tie for second place between G and N scale.  Click here to see all the results.

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