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October 25, 2006

Share Your O Gauge Photos!

MTH Coors Light Silver Bullet O Gauge enthusiasts and beginners alike love to talk about and share their experiences in the hobby. If you're like me you have plenty of photos of your layout , collection, and layouts you have visited at model train shows or clubs. And, like me, I'm sure you can't wait to show them off. Flickr is a great way to easily share all your digital photos on the web. It's easy to use and allows you to add your photos to "groups" so you can share your photos with people of similiar interests.

In the spirit of sharing, and showing off :), I set up the OGaugeWatch Flickr group so readers have a place to share their O Gauge model railroad (or any other gauge) photos with others.

Click on the link below to read on

If you already have your photos in Flickr it is easy to add them to the OGaugeWatch group.  First you need to join the OGaugeWatch group. I put together a screen cast to walk you through the process.  Once you're a member of the group you're ready to add photos.  Just follow these simple instructions I found on the site:

The easiest way to add a photo to a group is to go to the photo's page, and click on the "Send to Group" button that you should see between the photo title and the photo itself. Click that, then choose the group you want to send it to, and you're done!

If you're ready to share your digital photos but not a member of Flickr it's easy (and free!) to join   Since Flickr is owned by, if you already have a ID or email address you're ready to sign in to Flickr here.  If you don't have a Yahoo account you can sign up for one here for free.  Once you're signed in to Flickr visit Flickr's Frequently Asked Questions page to learn how to upload your photos.

I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of photos, especially those of your Christmas layouts.

Feel free to contact me by email (dave[at]ogaugewatch[dot]com) if you have any questions or need help adding your photos to the OGW Flickr group.


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