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July 29, 2006 Toy Train Auction Calendar

Auction houses around the country hold toy train auctions on a regular basis.  Some will conduct their auctions using eBay Live Auctions, others will accept absentee bids through their website while others do it the old fashioned way.  Attending these auctions can be a fun way to build a collection especially if you're searching for that hard to find piece to complete part of a collection.  Private collections go up for auction all the time so I have put together the Toy Train Auction Calendar listing all upcoming auction house auctions. Check out the new calender here.  A new permanent link to the auction calendar can be found in the banner at the top of the website.

The calendar will be updated on a regular basis so check it often.  If you are aware of auctions that are not listed please contact me by email, dave[at]ogaugewatch[dot]com, and I will gladly add the auction to the calendar.

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July 28, 2006

Lionel 2006 Volume 2 Catalog Now Available On Line

The new Lionel 2006 Volume 2 catalog has been released on line.  Check it out here.

July 27, 2006

O Gauge Railroading's Interview With Lionel's Jerry Calabrese

If you're not a subscriber to O Gauge Railroading magazine, you'll want to check out OGR's interview of Lionel's CEO, Jerry Calabrese from the June/July issue of OGR.  Lionel has posted the interview here.


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July 26, 2006

Lionel 2006 Catalog Volume 2 Available At Hobby Stores

The new Lionel 2006 Volume 2 catalog is now available at hobby stores.  Lionel has not posted the catalog on their web site yet but I would expect it to be posted by the beginning of next week.  The much anticipated Union Pacific "Big Boy" with Lionel's new train control system, TMCC2, is on the cover.  Lionel's "K-Line by Lionel" products are also making their debut in the new catalog.

Details about TMCC2 or TMCC "Legacy" have been the subject of many recent posts on the HiRail Times blog.


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Bankruptcy Court Approves Lionel’s Motion to Extend its Time to File For Reorganization by Erol Gurcan

July 25, 2006-In my article dated July 21, 2006, I stated Lionel’s attorneys had recently filed a motion (an application for a court order)  with the bankruptcy court seeking to extend its time to file a plan of reorganization. The motion specifically requested that Lionel be given 120 days to file a plan of reorganization with the court once there is a decision in the MTH-Lionel trade secrets appeal heard on June 7, 2006. A decision in that case is expected late this year or early next year. Lionel’s motion also sought an additional 60 days to allow other interested parties, such as Lionel’s creditors (like MTH) to file their own plan with the court, once Lionel’s plan was filed. In my July 21 article, I stated I expected the motion to be granted.  Click on the link below to read on.

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July 25, 2006

O Gauge Track Plans


So you're thinking about building an O Gauge layout and you need some ideas about how to design the track plan.  You can always come up with something yourself, but it's much easier to start with existing plans to help get the creative juices flowing.  Not many web sites offer and extensive collection of plans for free but there are a few resources that offer free plans you can use directly or as a base for creating your own layout plan.  Click on the link below to read on.

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July 23, 2006

"Lionel Trains: On Track" for Nintendo DS

Lioneltrains DSI Games will be releasing Lionel Trains: On-Track in Q4 of 2006 for the Nintendo DS game system.  The game is supposedly like Railroad Tycoon and will feature 20 different Lionel trains. The game lists for $19.95 and has a release date of 10/17/06.  This is an interesting branding play by Lionel to attract the attention of the video gaming crowd (or is it a play by DSI for kids interested in Lionel Trains?).

Clyde Coil Post About TMCC "Legacy"

Clyde Coil of the Hi Rail Times blog posted a few details about the new Lionel TMCC "Legacy" system.  As reported by back in April, the system that everyone has been referring to as TMCC2 will be making it's debut at the LCCA convention in Denver, Colorado.  Clyde mentions  retrofit kits will be available to upgrade older locomotives and hints that you will be able to upgrade Atlas O locos as well.  He goes on to mention that DCS will still have the same compatibility with Lionel's TMCC systems.

Read Clyde's post here.


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July 22, 2006

Lionel 2006 Catalog Volume 2

The talk around the O Gauge forums and hobby shops is that the new Lionel 2006 Catalog Volume 2 will be available next week.  Lionel has started including new products from the '06 volume 2 catalog  in their on line "product navigator".  There are also some photos of new K Line by Lionel offerings.  Click on the links below to see some of the new offerings including the new Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy and MTA Subway with TMCC2.

UPDATE 7/22/06:  I guess the web developers at Lionel finally realized that building new web pages on their public facing Internet sever wasn't a good idea and removed public access to the  partially complete product navigator pages for the UP Big Boy and MTA Subway Set.

New UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boy  MSRP $1,699
MTA R-27 Subway  MSRP $699.99
Here is a nice interior photo of a Subway car
Great Northern Diesel Freight MSRP $739.99
K-Line Power Car Photo
K-Line 4-6-2 Photo
K-Line Diesel Switcher


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July 21, 2006

A Status On Lionel's Bankruptcy; How Long Will It Last? By Erol B. Gurcan

Those of us following the various legal proceedings in the 3 rail world know that Lionel has been in bankruptcy since November 15, 2004, now a period of 20 months. While that may not sound like a long time to some, by comparison,  K-Line’s bankruptcy was over and done with in 8 months, and they did not emerge from it. (K-Line’s tooling and assets were purchased by its principal manufacturer Sanda Kan in April 2006, who in turn, licensed them to Lionel as part of a licensing and marketing agreement).   Click on the link below to read on.

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July 20, 2006

$0.20 eBay Insertion Fee Today & Tomorrow

On 7/20 and 7/21 eBay is running a special on insertion fees.  $0.20 to insert a listing no matter what the starting bid or reserve price.  Now is a great time to list your high priced O Gauge items on eBay.


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RR In A Box

I like innovative products that have the potential of attracting new people into the model railroading hobby.  Back in April at the spring '06 York, PA Train Collector's Association show I came upon such a product called RR In A Box.  I ran into the RR In A Box crew again at the NMRA National Train show in Philadelphia where I got the chance to check out their product more closely and snap some photos.  Click on the link below to read on.

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July 16, 2006

The Men Who Loved Trains

For most model railroaders, me included, the fascination with model trains started with a fascination with the real thing.  As a young boy in the early 1970's, living less than a block from what is now the New Jersey Transit's River Line, I spent plenty of time running to the end of the block and watching the freight trains rumble past.   As the trains passed I would love reading all the different road names on the engines and freight cars.  The Penn Central was just formed a few years earlier so I got to  witness the transformation of paint schemes on some locos and cars from Pennsylvania to Penn Central.

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July 15, 2006

Train Collection Inventory Software

After reading an article about a train collector's house that caught fire and destroyed, among other things, an extensive train collection, one of my thoughts was "I hope the collection was insured".  Insuring a collection requires placing a value on all the items in the collection.  Accurately estimating the value of your collection is easier if you have detailed, up to date records and values of each item in the collection.  Maintaining such lists can be cumbersome and time consuming unless you use a software program specifically designed for the task.  In today's post, I list several train inventory programs and a quick overview of each designed to help you track and value every item in your collection.

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July 13, 2006 Web Site Upgraded

On July 12, 2006, Kalmbach Publishing released a new version of is the web portal for the collection of real and model train related magazines Kalmbach publishes including Classic Toy Trains, their magazine dedicated to O Gauge trains. Besides a major upgrade to the look and feel of the site, which looks magnificent, there is new magazine subscriber only content.  Fans of the Trains magazine news wire who are not Trains magazine subscribers will be disappointed to learn that the news wire is now only available to subscribers.  Visit's subscriber benefits page to learn more about the magazine subscriber only benefits.  There are also some other notable changes.   Click on the link below to read the rest of this post.

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July 12, 2006

Model Railroading In The News #9

Model railroading in the news installment #9.  It's been more than a week since the last installment so there are plenty of news stories (10 to be exact).  The National Train Show receives plenty of coverage in the Philly area including a funny article in Philladelphia Weekly.  Another article covers MB Klein, popular Baltimore area train shop.  Also, there's a story out of the UK about Sir William McAlpine containing only a brief mention of model railroading but is an interesting story about one man's passion for railroading.  Click the link below to read these articles and more.

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July 10, 2006

NMRA National Train Show

The National Model Railroad Association held their National Train Show/Convention at the Pennsylvania Convention center (on the site of the old Reading Terminal) in Philadelphia this year.  The show was open to the public from 7/7 to 7/9 and featured several large modular layouts as well as all the major S, HO, N and Z scale manufacturers and a few model RR train vendors. 

I attended the show Saturday and was amazed by the size and quality of the modular layouts and less impressed with the number of vendors actually selling products. I ended up snapping a ton of photographs with my new Nikon D50 setup.

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July 06, 2006

Special Deal For Williams Platinum Club Members

Williams is running an exclusive Internet Sale for Platinum Club members.  The sale items include an American Freedom Train 4-8-4 GS-4 and a Western Pacific 4-8-4 GS-4 selling for $262.46 each.  That's 25% off the list price.  The sale ends on July 31, 2006.  Not a Williams Platinum Club member?  An annual members costs only $25 + $5 for shipping and handling and includes a free caboose or freight car.  See the Williams site for more details.

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Upcoming Toy Train Auction At Stout Auctions

Stout Auctions will be holding an auction of "mainstream" trains at 10 am on Saturday, July 8th.  The auction will include 661 catalogued lots of trains from Lionel, MTH, K-Line, American Flyer, Ives, Marx and others.  Absentee bidding on catalogued lots is accepted by fax or through the Stout Auction website or participate live on eBay Live Auctions starting at 10 am Indiana time on the 8th.  The auction will also include "100's" of uncatalogued lots for attendees participating in the auction at Stout's Williamsport, IN auction gallery. Attendees can preview auction items at 8 am.  See the Stout Auctions website for auction details, rules, buyers premiums and instructions and deadlines for placing absentee bids.

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July 04, 2006

Freedom Trains

Freedomtrain_1In the spirit of the holiday, here are a few facts and some interesting links about the Freedom trains that crisscrossed the American rails in 1947 -49 and again in 1975 - 76. 

The purpose of the '47 Freedom Train was to help citizens reflect on the meaning of American citizenship in a post war world.  The original freedom train brought versions of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights to over 300 destinations across the U.S.  The train was powered by an ALCO PA-1 diesel locomotive.

The Freedom Train of '75-'76 traveled the U.S. in celebration of the Bicentennial. 3 separate steam locomotives were restored to transport a consist of  26 cars, 10 of which were display cars displaying "treasures of the United States".  The locomotives were painted in red, white and blue schemes and traveled the country for 21 months starting on April 1, 1975.  Many railroad companies across the country also celebrated the Bicentennial by painting some of their equipment in patriotic schemes.

Happy Independence Day!

July 02, 2006

K-Line Close Outs?

According to several threads on various O Gauge forums, Lionel has sent train shops a sales letter containing a list of original K-Line inventory, manufactured by K-Line before Lionel's involvement, available at reduced prices.  These items will not have warranty coverage from Lionel and will be sold as-is.  I've seen a copy of the letter from Lionel's VP of Sales posted on several forums and judging by the posts in the forums it seems to be legitimate.  The letter also states that new "K-Line by Lionel" products will be in Lionel's 2006 Volume 2 catalog (info that is consistent with a Lionel press release about the K-Line deal released in April) due out in July '06 .  Contact your local train shop for more details.

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Atlas O New Product Announcements

Good news for fans of 0-27.  In Atlas O's monthly list of new product announcements there are several Industrial Rail 0-27 products (Atlas purchased Industrial Rail earlier this year).  The list includes a Single Door Box Car, Plug Door Boxcar, Gondola with Pipe Load, Skeleton Log Car, Flatcar and a Single Dome Tank Car.  The box cars will retail for $27.95 and the others will retail for $32.95. Delivery dates range from October '06 though January '07 and each will be offered in various road names. See the Atlas O website for more details.

Atlas also announced new paint schemes and road numbers for their O Scale GP-9 locomotive and new paint schemes for their "Extended Vision" Caboose.


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July 01, 2006 Poll Results - June '06

The results of the June '06 poll are in.   Over 14% of OGW readers don't have a permanent O Gauge layout.  Of those with a permanent layout, over 84% have layouts that are bigger than 8' x 8'.


Thanks to all those who participated in the June '06 poll.  Click here to take part in July's poll.

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