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July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Flagsmall Happy 4th everyone!  The photo to the left was snapped by my wife during our visit to the US Naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The flag is flying at half staff over the memorial building atop the sunken battleship USS Arizona.

Head on over to for a great 4th of July article that includes some great renditions of patriotic songs accompanied by video. 

Thanks for reading OGaugeWatch, enjoy the holiday and be safe.


July 03, 2008

Lionel Updates New Legacy System Software....

Yesterday, Lionel announced the availability of a new version of their Legacy Control System software.  Unfortunately, Legacy owners will have to return their command base and remote to Lionel to receive the upgrade.  You can view Lionel's press release here for more information on how to return the base and remote.

July 01, 2008

News About Lionel's Heritage Series

I received this from a reader about two weeks ago (sorry for the delay...I've been very busy over the last 2 months).  It's a response from Lionel to a question asking when the Lionel Heritage Series SD70ACE diesel locomotives will be shipped.

The SD70's will be shipped within the next online trading in south africa we found
in the preproduction sample. I can honestly say the hold up is partly my
fault. I refused to allow the production folks to ship the SD70ACe's
when they were not right! We are currently awaiting a finished sample
with all the corrections we recommended to the builder. Once that
arrives, if it passes best online trading platform south africa our inspection, the locomotives will be released
for production/shipping. I apologize for the delay in getting these
products to you, but if they are not going to ship out and be right we
are not going to allow them to ship. I can assure you that when you
receive the SD70's you will be very pleased with the product! Thank you
for your patience and confidence in Lionel it is very much appreciated
from this end!

Thank You,
Mike Reagan
Director of Customer Service

June 14, 2008

ACE Trains Announces New Website

ACE Trains, makers of "gauge O" European tinplate locomotives, launched a new website.  The site features all of there beautiful products and the latest news about ACE Trains.  Check it the site here.

June 11, 2008

Atlas O June '08 Announcements

Atlaso_1For June '08 Atlas O announced new paint schemes for the Atlas O RS-1 Locomotive and Atlas O 40' Wood Reefer.  The Atlas O 17,600 Gallon Trinity Corn Syrup Tank Car is available in new road numbers and schemes and the Atlas O Industrial Rail product line up gets new Work Train 3-Packs.  The deadline for placing orders for these new products is July 15th.  See the Atlas O website for more details.

June 10, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER: John of Railroad Express - My York Experience

Guest blogger, John of Railroad Express, sent in this post about his experience at York this spring . 

It was a bright Spring day in April 2008 as I parked my car in the lot of the holy grail of train collector heaven, the mighty train meet called “York”.

If you have been to York, this article will trading platforms in south africa tell you nothing you already do not know. But for the “non-Yorkers”, this might be an interested peek into this massive event.

First the basics, York is actually York, PA, held at the fairgrounds. York is about an hour outside of Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania Dutch region of this great state.

Click on the link below to continue reading

Continue reading "GUEST BLOGGER: John of Railroad Express - My York Experience" »

May 30, 2008

Ambrose Bauer Lawsuits

I recently received an email from a reader inquiring about the status of the AmbroseBauer lawsuits against Krause Publications and author David Doyle.  I had completely forgotten about these lawsuits so I headed over to the AmbroseBauer site to find out some information.  It turns out the suits against both parties were settled near the end of 2007.  You can read the press releases about the settlements here and here.  If you're not familiar with the lawsuits check out my post from June of last year here.

May 29, 2008

New Signs From Miller Engineering

Miller Engineering has announced a few new signs. Among the new offerings is a Sunoco sign, a Union Pacific sign and a YMCA sign.  Check out the details here (no pictures posted yet).

May 28, 2008

TCA Spring 2008 York Meet Stats

The Eastern Division of the TCA posted some stats about their Spring '08 train meet held in York, PA.  Here is a run down of the stats taken from their site:

Total Registrations:   14,567
Members & Dealers:  9,355
Total Member Spouses & Children: 4,583
Guests (including Spoused & Children: 629
Dealers: 267
RV's: 174

For more details visit the TCA Eastern Division's website here.


May 27, 2008

Top Notch Layout

It's been awhile since I visited Norm Charbonneau's blog.  In my opinion, he is one of the premier O Gauge modelers of our time.  Back in March, Norm posted a few videos showcasing his customized Weaver H10 and
his newly purchased Lionel "Geeps" equipped with Lionel's new Legacy control system.  The sound of the horn on the Geeps is awesome and I love the rail squeal at slow speeds.  Check out the videos here and here.

May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Walter Matuch of Ready Made Trains has a nice post about Memorial Day on the home page of his Ready Made Toys web site.  Check it out here.

Enjoy your Memorial Day but be sure to take a moment to think about all those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their county.

May 25, 2008

Weaver Models October Factory Tour

Weaverlogo_2Weaver Models has posted information about a Factory Tour that will take place on October 15, 2008, just before the Fall TCA York train meet.  The cost is $55 per person.  A special flat care with crates commemorating the tour will be offered to tour participants for $40.  Visit the Weaver Models web site for more details.

Also, Weaver has released a May-June sales flyer.  Check it out here (pdf).

May 24, 2008

Order Your 2008 Williams Catalog On-Line

The new 2008 Bachman-Williams catalog can be ordered on-line for a price of $5.  Too bad its not posted on-line.  Maybe once Bachman incorporates the Williams product line into the Bachman web site we will all be able to browse the catalog for free on-line.  Go here if you want to pay $5 for a dead tree copy of the catalog.

How To Install An Automatic Block System

Toy Train Revue On-Line has posted an article about how to install an automatic block system.  You can read it here.

May 23, 2008

Interesting Blog Post About Lionel And Model Trains

Check out this blog post on the TMG blog.

Interesting Article About Lionel

Investment Dealer's Digest ran an interesting article about Lionel.  You can read it here.  The article may only be posted for a limited time so be sure to read it before IDD places it on their subscribers only site.

May 17, 2008

OGaugeWatch Flickr Group - Lots Of Great Photos

There may be many of you that are unaware of the OGaugeWatch Flickr group.  Flickr is an on-line photo management application that makes sharing photos very easy.  About a year and a half ago I created the OGaugeWatch Flickr group so readers could share their favorite O Gauge photos with other readers.  Since its inception a number of great O Gauge photos have been uploaded to the group. 

It's always fun to share photos of our favorite hobby so don't be shy and upload photos of your layout or collection.  You can also keep track of newly added photos by checking the Flickr 'widget' in the left sidebar of the blog.  When new photos are added, the widget will display them.  Click on the widget to view the photos.

For more information about how to upload photos to Flickr (by the way, Flickr is free) you can read my original post about the OGaugeWatch Flickr group by clicking here.

May 15, 2008

Lionel Post War Catalogs Captured Digtially

On my last visit to the TCA's National Train Museum I stopped in the museum's library and browsed through a  book containing a compilation of post war Lionel catalogs.  As I was thumbing through the pages, I was trying to imagine the excitement of being a young boy rifling through the pages back when these catalogs were hot off the press.  I guess it was sort of like I used to feel as a boy in the early 70's tearing through the toy section of the Sear's Wishbook when it arrived in the mail.   

If you have memories of enjoying the Lionel post war catalogs as a child and are kicking yourself because you didn't keep them you'll be happy to learn that a digital archive of all Lionel catalogs from 1945 to 1969 is now available from HSL.  I received the following press release from HSL containing all the details.

Click the link below to read on

Continue reading "Lionel Post War Catalogs Captured Digtially" »

Lots of New Videos on 'TCA NetVision'

Be sure to check out the Train Collectors Association's video web page.  There are a number of videos from their recent National Toy Train Museum Open House posted there including videos of Lionel's and MTH's new product presentations.  Click here to view the videos.

May 14, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER: Neil Blumberg - Lionel Nation DVD Review

The OGaugeWatch/TM Books & Video Lionel Nation DVD giveaway is over so if you didn't win be sure to pick up your copy.  The following guest blogger post from Neil Blumberg is a review of the Lionel Nation DVD.

Tom McComas was kind enough to send a review copy of their latest toy train video to me, the first part of a new series entitled "Lionel Nation." It's a DVD that runs about 65 minutes including the credits (which are worth watching) but not including some very entertaining and informative outtakes from their other videos.  Tom McComas and his colleagues, most recently including Joe Stachler, have played a seminal role in reviving and nurturing the toy train hobby these last three decades or so. In the 1970s and 1980s initially by publishing unique and definitive collector's guides,  and in recent years issuing videotapes,  and now DVDs of ever growing beauty and sophistication.

Continue reading "GUEST BLOGGER: Neil Blumberg - Lionel Nation DVD Review" »

May 13, 2008

Catching Up

Hi everyone, it's funny how time flies when you're busy.  It's been 3 weeks of idle time for OGaugeWatch thanks to me being very busy with work, home improvement projects and such.  Here's a few links to stories about Lionel's exit from bankruptcy and other stories that have transpired since my last post.  Enjoy.

By the way, all the Lionel DVD winners have been contacted by email.


Lionel and Neil Young Roll Down the Tracks Together
Lionel CEO:  HQ has moved to NY but Mich. keeps major office
Lionel:  Long may you run
Model train maker Lionel emerges from bankruptcy
M.T.H. Electric Trains Officials To Speak
Last Whistle to Blow at Train City

April 25, 2008

Sunset Model's Spring 2008 Catalog Available

Sunset Models has released their Spring 2008 catalog.  The catalog contains information about new items from the Third Rail Division of Sunset Models and Golden Gate Depot.  You can check it out here (pdf).

April 23, 2008

Atlas Quarterly All-Scales Catalog Available On-Line

Atlas released the Spring edition of their quarterly All Scales catalog last week.  Check it out here.

April 22, 2008

Video Of OGR Forum Meeting In York

O Gauge Railroading magazine holds an OGR forum meeting in the grandstands at every TCA York train meet.  The meeting consists of a number of presenters from the O Gauge manufacturing world discussing their new products.  This time around a forum member made a video of the meeting and OGR posted it on their website.  Check out the video here

MTH 2008 Volume 2 Catalog Available On-Line

MTH has released their 2008 Volume 2 catalog on-line.  I haven't had a chance to review it yet but you can by clicking here.

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